Street Meet 'n' Greet


The Town of Victoria Park is pleased to support local residents and groups who want to build neighbourhood connections and develop a strong community. The Street Meet ‘n’ Greet mini-grants initiative aims to assist and empower neighbourhoods to do this through neighbourhood get-togethers or street celebrations.


There are two options available: 

  1. Neighbourhood get-together
    1. $200 mini-grant available
    2. Minimum six households attend the event
    3. At a house/park/café/front yard/it's up to you!
    4. Local neighbours only (from your street)


  2. Street celebration
    1. $1200 mini-grant available
    2. $800 towards a road closure and a Traffic Management Plan
    3. $400 towards goods and services for the event
    4. Retake your street!
    5. Road closure funding available for a maximum of four hours
    6. Resident planned and managed event (the Town will assist where needed)
    7. Contact Taborda or other traffic management companies to organise the road closure
    8. Can only be a local suburb-based road, not a Main Roads major road or arterial route
    9. Wider reach beyond the local street allowed, to be negotiated with the Town
    10. Details of event to be negotiated with the Town


Applicants are required to fill out a registration form and a terms and conditions form to access the grant funds. Please read all of the below documents.

Contact the Town if you have any questions on 9311 8111 or