Looking after your mental health


Support to look after your mental health 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted us all differently, for some feelings of anxiety, depression and stress may be present.  

Below are actions you can take to help maintain or improve your mental health and wellbeing. If you are unsure with how you are feeling, take the short survey created by think mental health. 

  • Take a break from news and social media platforms. It’s important to stay informed by trusted news sources and limit your social media intake to a couple times a day. Instead, try a couple of these activities suggested by our partners Act-Belong-Commit. 
  • A positive mindset is important. This will pass, so what you say to yourself during an unpleasant time is important. Be aware and change negative comments to be more helpful and realistic. 

  • Stay healthy by focusing on eating well, exercising and getting good quality sleep. Keeping up healthy routines will help with your overall health. 

  • Relaxation techniques can help relax the mind and body to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. There is a variety of relaxation methods including breathing exercisesvisualisationmeditationmindfulness and gentle physical activities such as yoga. 

  • Perspective is a powerful tool and to help prevent the feelings or boredom, frustration, anxious or scared, we can change our perspective to try and make the most of physical isolation. Think mental health provide a list of ideas for indoors to activities to keep the children entertained.  

  • Seek support. It is normal to feel overwhelmed during COVID-19. Acknowledge feelings of distress and seek further professional support if required. In circumstances where physical contact isn’t possible, staying connected with friends and family online or by phone is supportive for our mental health. Beyond Blue have a dedicated forum for coping during the coronavirus outbreak