Climate Emergency Plan

In 2018, the Town declared a climate emergency by signing the WALGA Declaration on Climate Change.
The declaration was a voluntary opportunity for the Town to demonstrate political commitment to locally appropriate climate change management, and to participate in a sector-wide leadership approach.
In recognition of this declaration and the need to demonstrate leadership to reduce carbon emissions within the region and reduce the adverse impacts of climate change for its residents and the associated environment, a Climate Emergency Plan has been prepared for the Town.
The Town's Climate Emergency Plan aims to:
  • Achieve a zero-carbon target for emissions generated by the Town of Victoria Park by 2030 (The timeframe of 2030 has been chosen because it is the timeframe needed to curb emissions and limit the seriousness of climate change impacts.).
  • Achieve at least 40% emissions reduction through direct action (i.e. not through carbon offsets).
  • Support the community and businesses in working towards their own zero carbon target.
  • Improve the resilience of the Town in responding to immediate climate change impacts.

The Climate Emergency Plan includes three core components:

Council Action Plan – How the council can take direct actions to reduce their carbon impact (mitigation) and adapt to the immediate impacts of climate change within the Perth context whilst providing support for the community and businesses to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Community Action Plan – Provides the community information on the average emissions profile for Australian households and how they can calculate their own footprint, ways residents are already reducing their emissions, and steps for individuals and households to reduce their emissions.

Business Action Plan – Provides the Town’s local businesses with information on sources of large emissions in business operations and how they can calculate their own footprints as an organisation, information on what Australian businesses are already doing to reduce their emissions, and steps on how they can reduce their organisation’s emissions.

The Town's Climate Emergency Plan can be viewed below.