Environmental Plan

There are a diverse range of community and land use considerations that can impact upon the Town’s environment. These considerations include a growing population, a rapidly developing food industry, residential, industrial, retail and technology/university precincts etc. 

The Town is committed to protecting and enhancing its environment, showing leadership through best practice environmental management as well as promoting growth and development within defined environmental parameters. 

The development of an Environmental Plan was identified as a key project under the Town’s Plan for the Future 2011 – 2026, and the Strategic Community Plan 2013 – 2028. 

The Town of Victoria Park Environmental Plan 2013 – 2018 is the main strategic document directing environmental management by the Town over the next five years. 

Overview to structure of environmental plan  

Guided by the Town of Victoria Park Strategic Community Plan 2013 - 2028, the actions in the Environmental Plan are organised into the five focus areas which have been identified as being general areas of concern for the Town and the Town’s community. 
These environmental focus areas include:
•           Climate change adaptation and greenhouse protection;
•           Water management;
•           Land management;
•           Natural areas and biodiversity; and
•           Solid waste management. 

Each focus area has a list of actions that the Town will implement in order to achieve the objectives of these focus areas.