Herbicide use

Road network spraying

The Town of Victoria Park currently manages its weed eradication program in some 196 kilometres of road networks including right of ways and 392,000m² of footpath networks including public access ways throughout the Town.

The program ensures best practice is maintained throughout the Town adhering to all federal, state and local government acts and regulations.

A mix of chemical (Glyphosate) and non-chemical control (steam) is used.

Reserve spraying 

George Street Reserve is sprayed using non-selective and pre-emergent herbicides

Environmental areas eg. Jirdarup Bushland Precinct, are spot sprayed for perennial weeds & bulbs using Glyphosate and Metsulphuron.

Alternative methods of weed control are used where possible before the most appropriate chemical control is selected, e.g. mowing and watering regimes (trial control of Parramatta grass at Higgins Park), mowing and whipping, or mulching.

No spray register

The Town keeps a register where residents can opt out from kerbline herbicide spraying. Visit the weed spraying page below to apply.