Nappy Rebate

We are offering a cloth nappy rebate to reduce waste and encourage sustainable change.

Each day, millions of disposable nappies end up in landfill in Australia. It takes 1 cup of crude oil to make 1 disposable nappy and takes at least 150 years for a nappy to break down. Similarly, millions of disposable sanitary products, made of polyethylene and other plastics, are sold within Australia each year.

For residents looking to reduce their disposable nappy and sanitary product waste, Town of Victoria Park residents are able to apply for:

  • A 50% rebate of up to $100 for either the hire or purchase of modern cloth nappies;


  • Up to $50 on sanitary product purchases, including menstrual cups, reusable sanitary pads, reusable incontinence pads and period underwear.


  • Up to $50 on cloth nappy repairs.  This service keeps nappies in circulation for longer and promotes second hand purchases.  Cloth nappy repairs can be done by any sewing/alterations people/tailors or even at repair café’s for free.

Reusable options are kinder on the planet and more cost effective in the long run, while offering benefits such as reduced waste to landfill and less greenhouse gas emissions.

Guide to Modern Cloth Nappies


Rebate examples:

You Spend

Rebate Available

Rebate Total


50% of spend refunded



50% of spend refunded



50% of spend refunded



Maximum amount of $100 refunded


Any amount over $200

Maximum amount of $100 refunded





Residents need to have attended a Reusable Nappy Workshop, organised by the Town of Victoria Park, before applying for the rebate. This ensures that all the information and support needed to successfully transition to using cloth nappies is provided.

When attending a workshop facilitated by the Town of Victoria Park, please bring photo ID with your name and address as proof of residence.

Scheduled Workshops: 





Saturday 4 February 2023




Monday 13 March 2023


Morley Library


Wednesday 5 April 2023


Maylands Library




Registration for these workshops can be found in the below links:







Types of nappies eligible for the rebate 

You can purchase modern cloth nappies through an Australian supplier (with an ABN). This includes all-in-ones, two-in-ones, swim nappies, terry/pre-fold nappies, and nappy liners, boosters, covers and inserts.

A hire option is also available from The Nappy Guru, which provides an opportunity to trial different brands, newborn options or night nappies before committing.

Only modern cloth nappies will be considered for this rebate. Accessories, for example wipes and wet bags, are not included. Postage costs are also not included.

If ineligible items are on the receipt along with eligible items, the rebate will only be applied to the eligible items rather than the total amount.

Please note that cloth nappies have to be purchased/hired after attending an eligible workshop. Any cloth nappies that have been purchased prior to attending a workshop are not eligible for the rebate.



Applying for the cloth nappy rebate

To be eligible for this one-off rebate, you must:

- Be a Town of Victoria Park resident

- Have attended an eligible Cloth Nappy Workshop facilitated by the Town of Victoria Park

- Have purchased or hired cloth nappies after attending an eligible Cloth Nappy Workshop (up to 6 months after attending the workshop)

- Have applied for the Cloth Nappy Rebate within 6 months of attending an eligible Cloth Nappy Workshop

- Have not previously successfully applied for the Cloth Nappy Rebate

How to apply

The application form to apply for the Cloth Nappy Rebate will be sent to you after attending a Cloth Nappy Workshop.

Before you submit the form, make sure you have attached:

- A copy of the cloth nappy hire or purchase receipt, clearly stating the company name, date of payment, item names and cost.

- Proof of residence within the Town of Victoria Park (either a driver’s license with your full name and address or a lease agreement, rates notice, or utility bill with your full name and address and dated within 3 months of the application submission).

Please ensure you have provided all the correct information and supporting documentation so we can process your application as quickly as possible.

If successful, you will receive a rebate payment via EFT to your nominated bank account. Rebates cannot be given in the form of cash or cheques.

Please note the Cloth Nappy Rebate can only be accessed once per household.

This rebate does not include any transport, postage costs or cloth nappy accessories.


Contact us

If you have any queries, please contact the Town’s Environmental Officer on 9311 8143 or email