Why plastic-free?


The benefits we can gain by contributing to a plastic-free approach are many:

Better, cleaner environment for everyone to live in 

Reducing plastic use results in cleaner living environments, healthier rivers and soil for us and our flora and fauna to thrive in.

Better for our health

Less plastics mean less toxins that can get into our soil, food and bodies. 

Saves money 

By using reusable alternatives to plastic, you will save money in the long run. For example, savings that most Cafes now offer when you bring your own keep coffee cups. 

Contribute to reducing carbon emission 

Outside of the Town, being plastic free will help reduce global carbon emissions associated with creating plastic from non-renewable oil resources. 

Less waste, more life 

Although the Town has strict recycling contracts, some plastic will go to landfill. Being plastic free means less waste, giving us more of all of the above benefits.