Frequently asked questions

How did the Significant Tree Register come into being?

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 14 November 2000, Council resolved "That an article be placed in council's next newsletter to allow residents to nominate 'significant' trees on private property".

At the meeting held on 26 June 2001, the Town’s first list of significant trees was finalised and endorsed by Council. These trees were made up of:

  • 31 trees located on private property
  • 16 trees located on Town verges
  • 50+ trees located on Town parks
  • A number of park and verge trees were listed as they were identified in Tree Plan (1997) and the Remnant Vegetation Management Plan (2003).

Since the original list was compiled, a further 112 street trees and 10 park trees have been identified as significant during the annual Street Tree Audit and added to the Significant Tree Register for the following reasons:

64 – Aesthetic
17 – Horticultural value
30 – Old age
1 – Rare 

What makes a significant tree special?

Trees on the significant tree register have been assessed using specific criteria for their significance, as opposed to some trees being called significant just by their presence.  For a tree/s to be considered significant they must fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • Aesthetic value - trees which contribute significantly to streetscape, parks, gardens or natural landscape 
  • Old age - trees which are particularly old or venerable
  • Species - trees which are of a rare species or variety, or having horticultural or genetic value 
  • Commemorative - trees having association with an important historical event 
  • Associations - with a well known public figure or ethnic group, or for heritage and cultural reasons

How can I nominate a tree for the list?

Fill out the Town’s Significant Tree Register nomination form.

What happens after a nomination is put forward?

The nominated trees are assessed and evaluated by parks staff using a rating of one to five, with five being the highest retention value. The most appropriate rating is then allocated to each tree based on its worth and estimated remaining life.

Council's current Street Tree Policy provides protection for all of the Town's street and park trees. This protection is assured through Council's delegation of authority for removal of street trees procedure.

Where can I see the list of significant trees?

A spreadsheet of all significant trees can be found here(PDF, 83KB). If you wish to view these trees on our mapping module (Intramaps) please follow this Intramaps - Significant Trees Mapping.