Street bin upgrades and advertising trial



The Town has begun a trial campaign in partnership with Keep Australia Beautiful Council and Natsales Advertising to upgrade some of the Town’s outdated and unsightly street bins and to promote an important anti-litter message to our community.

As part of the program, Natsales will provide free replacement of existing bins which includes supply and installation of new bin enclosures, as well as a 120 or 140 litre Sulo bin. Local businesses will have an opportunity to advertise on three panels of the new bins. The fourth panel will be free for the Town to use to promote the Keep Australia Beautiful Bin it campaign.

Natsales will also provide free weekly bin maintenance, checking for damage and graffiti with seasonal bin detailing (pressure cleaned, sprayed for insects and all locks, hinges, and display panels are checked to make sure that they are in good working order). If display panels need replacing this would be at the expense of Natsales.

The Town supports a trial of the campaign across 26 degraded bins across the Town, anticipated to run from February-October 2018.

This trial will gauge public perception regarding the new bins and associated advertising, local business response and uptake of the opportunity to advertise on the bins, and enable the Town to assess the workings of the campaign itself.

Should the trial be deemed a success, it is anticipated that a report will be made available to Council. 

The Town’s commitment to the full program will be dependent on the results of the trial and subsequent Council support.

See the locations and two styles of bins being upgraded as part of the trial.

To provide your feedback, visit the Your Thoughts page.

To advertise on the bins, contact Natsales.


What bins are being replaced in the trial?

There are two styles of bin. These are: 

Wooden-framed cylinder bins

The Town has 18 old wooden cylinder 40 litre bins situated around the Town.  All of this style of bin need replacing as they are old, broken and many have graffiti. 

These types of bins are designated with a blue dot on the map.

Metal-framed cylinder bins
binred.png The Town has a number of old cylinder 40 litre bins situated around the Town, most of these bins that were viewed are old and not maintained.


This style bin is particularly expensive to replace, estimated at $850 per unit.

These types of bins are designated with a red dot on the map.


Both styles of bin are awkward for the refuse team to empty and no longer comply with occupational health and safety codes.

How long is the trial for?

The trial will run until the beginning of October 2018. 

Is the Town earning money from the trial? 

No.  The Town is simply trying to provide an avenue for anti-litter messaging and allow local business to promote themselves, as well as promotion of community events, all whilst having a selection of bins upgraded and maintained at no cost to the Town. 

How does local business advertise on the bins? 

Local business advertising is coordinated by Natsales Advertising, who can be contacted on (08) 9314 7933 or at

How do I provide my feedback on the bins?

Visit the Town's consultation hub Your Thoughts, create an account and fill out the feedback survey form.