Urban Forest Strategy

Across both public and private land pressures on our urban forest are increasingly apparent. 

The rate of urban deforestation across Perth has been rapid and the loss of urban tree canopy is having both a direct and indirect impact upon the quality of health and amenity enjoyed by residents. 

The Town of Victoria Park’s Urban Forest Strategy aims to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our community and a sustainable livable city. 

The strategy is needed to expand and better manage trees within our Town - on both public and private land - and to achieve our tree canopy target of 20% as adopted by our Town's Council. 

To achieve a target of 20% canopy, the Town needs to protect and save existing trees, and embark upon a mass tree planting program. 

The Urban Forest Strategy has been created by the community for the community, and it is anticipated that the Town will manage and facilitate its implementation with support from the community.