Town's Urban Forest Strategy leads the way

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The Town’s Urban Forest Strategy (UFS) is a first of its kind with its community-initiated and driven approach.

Across Western Australia and the nation and around the globe, our working group members have been sharing our strategy, its implementation, and engagement with our community members. 

Heather Johnstone, member of the Implementation Working Group (IWG) and Pierre Quesnel, the Town’s Place Leader for Urban Forest share some of their recent presentations, as they showcase our UFS to industry and interested audiences.

World Forum on Urban Forests 

In 2018, our Town’s Urban Forest Strategy was presented to a global audience for the world’s first Urban Forestry Forum. The aim of the forum was to highlight positive examples of planning, design and management approaches that cities have implemented. IWG Member Heather Johnstone presented our UFS supported by Millennium Kids Inc,representing the Vic Park Collective and part funded through a popular vote microgrant from the Vic Park Soup. 

Heather commented “I had lots of great feedback from the other presenters and delegates after I spoke at the world forum. Lindsay Campbell from the US forest service was especially kind and was impressed by all that had been achieved.” 

AAEEWA Conference

The Australian Association of Environmental Educators of WA selected our UFS presentation to be delivered as a round table discussion. The discussion focused on “Community Consultation for Urban Forest Management.” The presentation was again delivered by Heather Johnstone to a group of environmental educators. 


TREENET is an independent non-profit environmental organisation dedicated to urban tree research and education. Our UFS was presented to a group of expert researchers, government officials and educators on urban forest. Heather Johnstone, representing Vic Park Urban Foresters, was personally invited to attend and present at this national conference, where organisers were impressed with the enthusiasm of our volunteer community members in creating and implementing the strategy. 

Millenium Kids 

We were proud to share our UFS to further inspire and motivate our young leaders. Through the UFS consultation involving youths, Millennium kids have now developed Green Lab - a specific education and behaviour change program to deliver youth led projects in  schools and the community. Their projects aim to increase, preserve and manage tree canopy within the Greater Perth area.

WALGA Urban Forest Conference 

Although this has been cancelled due to the Prime Minister’s regulation on non-essential indoor gathering, our Place Leader, Pierre Quesnel was scheduled to deliver an address. Titled: Common Ground: Bringing together contrasting perceptions and building momentum to deliver a healthy urban forest, the presentation would have outlined seven tactics utilised by the Town of Victoria Park to create common ground between various perceptions of our key stakeholders.

Various community presentations 

Thanks to our Implementation Working Group, we’ve managed to spread the word on our UFS with the broader community through:

  • Convergence - presenting to a group of our local community land managers on planning for garden verges;

  • Vic Park Soup - sharing with our community members our achievements at the World Forum on Urban Forests;

  • Town Teams Conference - a presentation by Heather Johnstone for the Vic Park Collective to our Town teams and other local government staff members; 

  • Treelove - prior to the UFS development, the Vic Park Trees team shared information on the topic to help our community members address comments such as “we are worried about tree canopies in Victoria Park and want to do something about it” and “how do we share our tree planting ideas?” 

  • Vic Park Urban Foresters presented at the Rogue Forest in Mandurah for Peel Bright Minds group to talk about the science and community led approach of the UFS. 

There will be more presentations of our UFS coming up. In the meantime, we’re proud that together and led by our community, we are leading the way in creating a healthier, happier urban town at Vic Park. 

Want to get involved in the Town’s urban forest project? We have an ambitious goal of increasing our tree canopy cover by 20%. We need your help to make this happen. Find out many ways you can get involved, with different levels of commitment to suit.