Vic Park Green Basins (Jun - Oct)


Get involved in Parks Week 2023 by letting us know how we can design and maintain parks that benefit our community: 


What is the Green Basins program?

The Vic Park Green Basins program is another Urban Forest initiative that is focused on greening upgrades to sumps - turning them into Micro Parks - around the Town, so that we can improve the function, appearance and ecological contributions of these spaces. 

Drainage basins or sumps are holes in the ground with vegetation that consists of grass and weeds and for the vast majority of the time are unutilised. However they do play an important hydrological function as the collection point for stormwater in Town ensuring our houses don't flood in heavy rainfall events.

There is a great opportunity to turn these into multi-functional spaces - into Micro Parks - by reshaping, revegetating and turning the sumps into Green Basins where trees and shrubs can contribute to the Town’s ecology, beauty and canopy cover.

What is the process involved in creating a Green Basin?

  1. A concept landscaping plan to be drawn up for the sumps area, which will include information on how to revegetate the area, what type of tree and plant species will be planted and other uses for the Green Basin e.g. inclusion of space for recreation with benches. 
  2. The plan will need to be advised by the Urban Forest Implementation Working Group and Natural Areas team before submission for approval by the Town’s Council. 
  3. Once the plan is approved, the Town officers will work to conduct greening upgrades to the sump area and turn them into Micro Parks. Community’s involvement during or after the greening (especially for aftercare of the area) will be very much welcome.


Where are the microparks?

Want to get involved?

Should you have an area on your street or neighbourhood that we can include as part of our Green Basins program, we encourage you to submit your ideas via our Planting Project online proposal.