Meet our 2020 urban forest grant winners

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Vic Park Connect

Connect Canopy Project

Connect Victoria Park Inc. is a not for profit community organisation operating within the Town of Victoria Park. They provide affordable housing for low income people aged over 60, operate a community centre, and are home to the Victoria Park Village Hub.

Connect Victoria Park’s Connect Canopy Project is centred around designing and creating a native garden space to occupy the ~150m² available at 35 Mackie Street and extend this to incorporate the verges and to plant canopy and fruiting trees throughout the 25 and 35 Mackie Street properties.

This urban forest project aims to deliver:

  • An increase in total potential canopy coverage by 600m² 

  • Additional 7-8 canopy trees at 25 Mackie Street.

  • Additional fruit trees along with native shrubs along back of 25 Mackie Street.

  • More ‘bush tucker’ species.

  • A sense of pride and ownership within the resident. 

  • A feeling of belonging and inclusion for the whole community. 


Millenium Kids

Patrick’s Postcards 

Patrick is a member of the Millenium Kids Youth Board - a not for profit, environmental youth organisation - who is passionate about protecting our local fauna and specifically the native birds of our local Town. 

Patrick’s Postcards project aims to reach all residents within the Town with information postcards that will assist with informing them about the importance of planting trees for birds. 

Patrick will work with Nicky Shelton, bird lover and artist, to create educational and beautiful keepsake postcards that show residents the types of plants and trees that they need to grow in their gardens to attract our important local fauna.

Together with his Millenium Kids colleagues, Patrick will be delivering the postcards directly to residents of the Town.

View the finished Urban Forest postcards(PDF, 4MB)

Kent Street High School Parents and Citizens Association

Kent Street Senior High School Urban Forestry Initiative

The Kent Street P&C are looking to improve the environment within the grounds of the Kent St Senior High School by providing more shaded areas for the students, improving the ecology on campus with local vegetation, as well as beautifying some dead areas of the school grounds. The project sites include the oval and drop off area, the amphitheatre surrounds, and pathways along Kent Street. 

The P&C are aiming to plant 12 local trees and 480 shrubs to support their urban forestry initiative. 

The planting project will involve the school community at large - school gardeners, students, family members, and students who are completing their Certificate II Calm with their teachers. 

Through this initiative, Kent St P&C aims to deliver:

  • A more healthy and social environment for the students, as the newly planted areas will be an inviting and cooling area for recreation.

  • A stronger community spirit and relationship between the school and the broader community.

  • Economic support for local businesses for purchasing all the necessary soil, mulch and other planting equipment. 

  • Environmental education opportunity for students through direct project involvement.