Meet our 2021 urban forest grant winners

UF Grants 2021

Millen Primary School - Trees for Shade and Nature  

This project will plant trees along one side of the oval, next to the nature playground, next to the new administration building and along the western side of the main school building. The trees will provide shade for students and for other users of the school grounds and will provide habitat for local fauna. A student engagement program will be developed that will involve each classroom becoming a tree guardian.

The classroom tree guardians will hand water their trees and will help prevent damage to the young trees. Educational materials will be prepared for each classroom that will provide the Noongar names, knowledge and uses of each WA tree species, information about the fauna that live in or feed on each tree species, as well as the social and environmental benefits of trees in urban spaces. 

Harold Hawthorne Senior Citizens Centre and Homes Inc. - Secret Life of Trees Project  

The project will create waterwise, beautiful, peaceful and contemplative spaces for the community to enjoy, whilst providing an increase in the tree canopy around the Harold Hawthorne Community Centre by an estimated 710m3.  
The project will be named “The Secret Life of Trees” and will educate the community on the importance of trees, bees and a sustainable future. 

Kent Street SHS P&C - Urban Forestry Initiative 2021 

This project proposes to plant 10 mature weeping peppermint trees, 900 local native plants and regenerate two weed ridden, aqua phobic, steep banks within the school.  The project is will involve students, teachers and the wider parent body in the development, education, and overall implementation process. 

Millennium Kids Inc - Green Lab Kids Hub 

Kids Hub Green Lab, is a youth led citizen science and action program, developed by kids for kids. This project proposes a free two day Conference with excursions to Jirdarup Bushland, Rutland Food Tree Project and Forster Reserve which will empower 40 residents aged 10-17 with the tools, inspiration and community networks to start their own green lab right here in Vic Park.

Taking an experiential approach this series of Green Lab workshops provide hands on modules to gift participants context and tools to appreciate and engage with the Town's public spaces. Endemic flora and fauna that populate these spaces is catalogued through their citizen science modules which allows for participants to appreciate the character and assets of a given place. 

Perth Individual College 

This project proposes: Planting out edible plants with the children collaborating from Early Years and the High School to create and grow a kitchen garden and a bushfoods garden. Planting out species native to Australia to create more shade and 'green space' in the children's outdoor space. Creating an outdoor play area for the Early Years children which is adjacent to the garden and under shade to facilitate more play during the summer months in Perth.