Urban Forest at Home

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What is Urban Forest at Home?

Urban Forest at Home is an initiative that encourages our residents to participate in Greening Vic Park. 

Through Urban Forest at Home, the Town’s residents are able to request free trees and shrubs for planting on private gardens and verges (low shrubs only), during the planting season (between June - September every year). 

Urban Forest at Home offers positive health, community, social and economic benefits for you, your family members and neighbours. 

So if you enjoy gardening and being outdoors and would like to directly contribute to the Town’s urban forest goal of 20% tree canopy cover, this program is for you. 

Did you know? The Urban Forest at Home initiative was the second highest canopy cover contributor for the 2020 planting season at 32,865m2. Find out more.

Urban Forest at Home 2021 has been fully allocated.  Stay tuned for our 2022 program and find out how else you can get involved in the Town's Urban Forest activities. 

How does it work?

  1. The 2021 Urban Forest at Home program will start on 23 April with an opportunity for residents to order available species of trees and shrubs online.
    Order your FREE trees here 
    Order your FREE shrubs here 
    a. Online ordering opens from 23 April - 21 May 2021 (or until stocks are exhausted).
    b. You can select a maximum of five (5) trees and two (2) shrub options per household.
    c. Free trees and shrubs offer are only available to residents of the Town of Victoria Park

     d. All trees and Shrubs are tube stock size

  1. Once you’ve selected your trees and/or shrubs, we will arrange your order for collection on Saturday 29 May 2021, at the Town Depot - 199 Star Street - from 9am - 2pm. 

  2. On collection you will also receive information on how to plant your selected tree or shrubs – such as how to prepare for planting, watering and fertilising.

  3. After you’ve received your free tree or shrub, you and your family can start urban foresting at home. Note: Trees and shrubs can both be planted on private property (in your own gardens). However no trees can be planted on the verges. Only shrub species that have a max height less than 0.75 metres, are permitted for verge planting. The Town has another project to plant town maintained trees in Vic Park Streets. For more information on this, visit Vic Park Leafy Streets project.

  4. We want to hear, support and celebrate all our community efforts in creating a healthier and stronger urban forest at the Town. Snap and share your favourite Urban Forest at Home images on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag @TownofVictoriaPark or use #GreeningVicPark.


Why Urban Forest at Home?

Our community-led UFS has always prioritised working with our residents and local groups to make our Town leafier, greener and healthier. Through the Urban Forest at Home program, we hope to achieve the following positives: 


  • Did you know that being outdoors, amongst greenspace amplifies the good effects of exercise more than in other settings? As an outdoor form of physical activity, gardening is a good way to build or keep up physical health.
    Gardening helps connect children more to nature which research has linked to well-being and during our social distancing period, this program will engage children and adults alike in a positive, active manner. 
    Being outdoors, remaining physically active and having a project such as planting trees, can help to reduce the mental health impacts of social distancing.


  • Some of the options for your tree or shrub request are the seedlings we have propagated from the Kensington (Jirdarup) Bushland seed bank. These seedlings only grow in the south-west of WA - one of 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world. Your help in planting these seedlings helps preserve global biodiversity. 


  • Our UFS was developed with our community members who were concerned about the increasingly apparent pressures on our urban forest on public and private land. The way to achieve our UFS goals is by working together with our local community and residents. By being involved in our UFS delivery, you are helping to grow our Town’s urban forest, making it a healthier, happier place today and in the future.