Meet the Urban Forest Implementation Working Group

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The Town’s Urban Forest Strategy is being implemented with the continued support of our community through the Implementation Working Group (IWG). 

Our IWG is an integral part of successfully implementing the Town’s Urban Forest Strategy. The contribution made by the voluntary community members of the IWG are invaluable and we thank them for their commitment in making the Town a healthier and happier place to live. 

The IWG is comprised of the following members:

  • Six community members selected following an expression of interest process.

    • Emma Monk 
    • Rowena Skinner 
    • Jason Wicktorowicz 
    • Heather Johnstone 
    • Eric Denholm 
    • Ben Whitehouse

  • Five Town officers to be invited as required depending on the content of the meeting agenda.

  • One Senior Place Leader (Urban Forest) to be an ongoing member and be responsible for coordinating the IWG and chairing the monthly meetings.

The IWG meets monthly to work through:

  • Collaboration with Town officers in the detailed planning of UFS implementation activities.

  • Monitoring the execution of specific tasks and adherence to timelines set within the Implementation Action Plan.

  • Evaluating outcomes to consider the reasons for the relative success or shortcomings of any task trials and initiatives.

  • Considering and recommending modifications to improve the viability of UFS plans and actions.

  • Participating in the development of a draft sustainable Town of Victoria Park Urban Forest Management Plan.

  • Reviewing and contributing to council reporting on the UFS implementation progress.

  • Reporting to the Place Leader – Urban Forest with issues, opportunities, updates and actions.

  • Liaising with the Town’s communications team during meetings to help define content for the public communication of UFS implementation progress.