Cara-Leigh and a Tree Planting Project


It all started with a few trips with the kids and our dog to Alday St Park - our local park - and thinking ‘there’s a great opportunity for a greener and safer space here.’ 

Then it seemed like the stars aligned and I found out the Council was already thinking of doing some greening to the Park, and they advised there’s an Urban Forest working group who are inviting ideas for planting projects around Town. 

So I submitted my idea - to revamp the existing Alday St gardens, give it a prune and cleanup and plant lower lying natives that are low maintenance and would look great - online. I haven’t submitted something like this through an online process before but it was easy to do. 

I just needed to provide details on what the issue was, my suggestions for improvements, and how the idea progressed the Urban Forest strategy which all took about 20 - 30 minutes. Of course it helped that I talked to the Town’s Urban Forest team, visited the area together and talked through the greening opportunities. 

Once I clicked submit, I received an email to say that my proposal to beautify the Alday St Park gardens for more residents and the community to enjoy was received. It was a good feeling to be able to put forward a suggestion for something that would make the Park and the street safer, nicer and better.

Pride and satisfaction would be two words to describe the success of this planting proposal at Alday St Park.

As a parent, I feel more satisfied that the gardens provide more visibility of the area and a natural enclosure between the park and the road so kids can kick the ball around safely.

I’ve also seen more people use the park and stay longer to sit and have lunch, to do a mother’s group catch up, for more run arounds and playtime with kids.

The simple act of beautifying this space has made it feel respected and being a resident of the street, it gives me a buzz that others think of this park as a destination for nice outdoors activities.

Everyone seemed to enjoy this park more - even our dog, who certainly loves it over there and is always eager to have a sniff and make sure everything is right!

As a family, we love that our neighbourhood has large trees that have been around for 10-15 years, so it’s great that the Council supports our efforts and ideas to make sure that our space stays green, happy and healthy.

If you’re passionate and interested in creating something similar in your street and area, then get in touch with the Urban Forest team and put a planting proposal in - what could go wrong? 

I will definitely continue to look for other opportunities to get involved in Greening Vic Park.