Supporting our UFS implementation

UFO Webtile 2.jpg

As indicated in the Town’s UFS Implementation Action Plan, in order to achieve strategic outcome 1 of a 20% canopy cover target, we will also need to also work on other outcomes, including:

  • Maximise community involvement and collaboration in its implementation.
  • Increase tree diversity, whilst favouring local endemic and West Australian species that also support wildlife.
  • Maintaining high standard of vegetation health.
  • Improve soil and water quality.
  • Improve urban ecosystems.

Our urban forest officers (UFOs)will help us continue to achieve these strategic outcomes through:

  • UFS micro project identification
    During their drives or observations (conducted with safe social distancing measures), our officers will identify other potential and suitable sites for tree-planting projects. They will then propose these planting projects through an application form, assessed by the Implementation Working Group.
  • Recent tree planting assessment
    Our officers will photograph recent tree plantings and record their findings to expert Parks officers for assessment and health tracking.
  • Tree protection assessment
    The UFOs will assist our Parks officers to photograph trees on land subject to a development application before, during and after construction.
  • Planting season involvement
    Our officers will be able to assist with site preparation and planting trees and shrubs, while again observing safe social distancing measures, during the UFS planting season (June - August).