Vic Park Leafy Streets

UFO Webtile1.jpg

Similar to the Town’s Request a Street Tree program, the Vic Park Leafy Streets initiative will focus on the role of our streets in achieving future 20% canopy cover, increasing tree diversity, beautifying our neighbourhoods and improving our urban health.

The Vic Park Leafy Streets initiative will be implemented by our urban forest officers (UFOs), and will work in the following manner:

  1. Together the UFS Implementation Working Group, and the relevant Town place leader will identify focus areas for street tree planting.
  2. Our UFOs will then walk these focus areas (while maintaining safe social distancing regulations) identifying suitable street tree planting locations.
  3. Once the UFOs have identified suitable areas, they will submit a Request a Street Tree online form.
  4. The proposal will be assessed by the Town’s Parks officer, engineers and Place Leader - Urban Forest, with an appropriate tree species then allocated for planting.
  5. Our UFOs will again go back out on the streets (safely) to drop off postcards to residents adjacent a tree planting location which contains information on:
  • the tree species
  • who to contact to view the street tree application completed by the UFOs
  • who to contact to request adjusting the location of the street tree planting
  • who to contact for more questions.

Once our residents are confident about the street tree planting proposed, our regular contractors will be engaged to plant the selected tree.

The UFOs will commence this work from late April onwards.