Benefits and challenges of an urban forest

Benefits and challenges of an urban forest.jpg


Benefits of an urban forest extend to environmental, economic, community and health outcomes. These benefits are also called ecosystem services. Trees, being the largest structures within an urban forest, provide the greatest ecosystem services.


Preparing for 40,000 new residents by 2050 and an increase of 19,300 dwellings presents an unprecedented social and environmental challenge for the Town.

The pressures of urban infill and other development has led - and may continue to lead - to ongoing deforestation, particularly on private land, which has not been offset by plantings in public areas.

Resistance from developers and private property owners, together with the constraints of existing local and state planning regulations, may present challenges to Urban Forest Strategy vision.

Other challenges to the urban forest include:

  • tree vandalism/poisoning
  • infrastructure upgrades and maintenance and transmission networks
  • climate change
  • ageing tree population
  • water levels
  • social attitude and cultural change.