2019 planting season report

Planting Season Report 2019

To ensure both efficient use of water and plant survival the implementation of greening initiatives should be restricted to a designated planting season suitable to our climate. In Perth this planting season runs through winter and spring from approximately June to September when adequate moisture is present in the soil from rainfall. The Urban Forest Strategy implementation can be split into two seasons, a 'planting season' and a 'planning season'. The planning season is when projects are identified, plant stock secured and design and documentation conducted.

2019 planting season

In 2019 the Town of Victoria Park experienced a large increase in tree and shrub planting.  Almost triple the amount of trees were planted in public spaces compared to the 2018 planting season. 1,659 trees and 118,000 shrubs were planted in 2019. This added a total of 70,000m2  of projected canopy to the urban forest. The increase in planting was due to both the delivery of large public projects with significant greening components and the increase in the street and park tree planting program.

Project delivery

A number of strategic projects were delivered within the Town in 2019 and provided approximately 50% of tree planting for the year. The following table lists the project, its tree planting numbers and its contribution to urban forest canopy addition.

Project Canopy (m2)  Trees
LPRP* - Mineral Resources Park 6,898 200
LPRP* - Zone 2 5,610 139
LPRP* - Zone 2X 10,384 273
LPRP* - McCartney Crescent 2,166 28
Taylor Reserve/McCallum Park  3,630 63
G.O. Edwards park upgrade 909 32
ROW52 laneway upgrade 364 8
John Mactivation project 3,178 45
Victoria Park Drive 2,451 55
Total 35,593 843


Tree planting 2019 - canopy addition (m2)

2019 planting season graph


Street and park tree planting program

Since 2016 the Town has planted on average 400  street trees per year as part of the annual street and park tree planting program. In 2019, 390 trees were planted as part of this program. Inspired by the direction set forth in the Urban Forest Strategy the Town planted an additional 426 trees in a dedicated planting program on verges of public land and on the lowest canopy coverage streets in the Town. This increased planting resulted in a total of 816 trees and over 35,000m2 of projected canopy added to the urban forest.

Total projected canopy addition (m2) per year

2019 planting comparison