Design competition

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We’re burying a time capsule to commemorate our 25th anniversary. A special tile mosaic will mark the site of the capsule and we’re asking the children of Vic Park to decorate it.

Draw or paint what you love about living in Vic Park. It could be your favourite place, what you like to do, where you hang out…

The winning designs will be printed on tiles that will be placed around the time capsule’s plaque.

You can submit your entry via the form below or in the submission box at one of the following locations:

  • Administration centre: 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park WA
  • Vic Park Aqua centre: 42 Somerset St, East Victoria Park
  • Vic Park Leisure centre: cnr Kent & Gloucester Streets, East Victoria Park
  • Vic Park Library: 27 Sussex Street, East Victoria Park

Please note, if your online submission is a winning entry, we will require the original artwork for printing.

Artwork tips

  • The finished tile will be 150mm x 150mm so keep the design simple.
  • Paint or draw to fill the whole tile to the edge of the smaller box.
  • Use bold, strong colours. Think texta, oil pastels or paint. Anything coloured in too light won’t re-print well.
  • Anything written on the artwork should be well away from any of the sides.
  • The use of glued on objects like leaves, buttons, twigs, glitter, sand etc are not recommended



tile example.JPG