Albany Highway Activation!

The Albany Highway Activation! (AHA!) programme has continued with great success over the past few years. Remaining strategically principled but tactically flexible has ensured the program focus has continued to be on small wins and experimental projects aimed at attracting people to the strip.

The objective of AHA! remains 'placemaking' which is informed by the following principles:

  • A vibrant place day and night.
  • Connecting community socially and physically.
  • For one another, the environment and their town.
  • Exposure to many cultures and experiences.

AHA! works to foster collaborations between local businesses, residents and community organisations to make the Town unique and vibrant.

We’ve achieved a lot in the past four years:

  • Improved the area by sponsoring wall murals and public art projects.
  • Completed a range of innovative projects to promote the street.
  • Helped inform streetscape upgrades including six parklets and a reading room structure.
  • Completed a range of visual projects such as the pop up international cinema nights.
  • Promoted local artists and creatives by establishing busking in the parklets and Memorial Gardens.

The Project Management Office is committed to growing relationships with community partners, which will ensure that the work done along the highway and elsewhere within the Town remains relevant and continues to meet the needs of our young, vibrant community.