Public and private events

An event is defined as a gathering of people brought together for a common purpose by some prearrangement. The Town vets all public events and some private events to ensure they are safe and suitable for attendees.

Private events

Private events are by generally invitation only and are often quite small. They are generally lower risk as event organisers know who is going to attend and how to manage the risks associated with the particular people, activities and experiences they have planned. Examples of private events are weddings, staff Christmas parties, and family get-togethers or picnics.

Public events

A public event is open to the public, and includes ticketed events. They are generally larger and have a higher risk as the organisers do not know the individuals attending. The Town assists event organisers to manage the risks to the event attendees and surrounding residents. Examples of public events include school fetes, music festivals and hawkers markets. A Reserve Hire Booking (Council land) or Public Event Application (private land) must be made and approved before holding an event. 

Organising an event

Refer to the Department of Health Guidelines for Concerts, Events and Organised Gatherings for the complete guide to organising your event. Public events are governed by the Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992

For further guidance please refer to the Department of Health website or speak to an Environmental Health Officer.

Application process

While requirements may vary according to each individual event, the general process is as follows:

  1. Make initial enquiries with the Town’s Bookings Officer and/or Environmental Health Officers.
  2. Download and complete application forms:
    • Parks/Reserves Booking (Council land) OR Public Event Application below (private land).
    • Temporary Food Business Permit Application (each food vendor must complete and submit this). Refer to the Food Vendors page for further information and to download an application form.
  3. Submit application to the Town at least two weeks prior to a small event or three months prior to a large event (late fees may apply).
  4. Applications are to include:
    • Site plan
    • Event organisers public liability insurance (events on Council land).
    • Stall holder public liability insurance (e.g. bouncy castle operators and food vendors).
    • Supporting documentation as required (e.g. risk management plan; medical plan; engineering certification of large marquees, circus tents or spectator stands.)

The Bookings Officer and/or Environmental Health Officer will be in contact to discuss your application. They will let you know if any other approvals are necessary, e.g. Regulation 18 for non-complying noise event, food vendors.

For information on temporary food business applications please see the Food vendor page.

Event approval

Should the event be approved the:

  • Bookings Officer will post the parks/reserves bookings approval (for events on Council land) and conditions of hire, with an invoice for hire fees and key/oval bonds (if applicable).
  • Signed conditions of parks and reserves hire should be returned to the Town and invoices paid. 
  • Environmental Health Officer will issue the public event approval and invoice (if applicable).

Key/s can be collected just prior to the event and be returned immediately afterwards.

Further information

Please speak to the Town's Booking Officer or Environmental Health Officer by calling Customer Service on 9311 8111 or email