Lathlain has a thriving local cafe, sporting and community culture. Right in the heart of the suburb is Mineral Resources Park- home of the West Coast Eagles. A short stroll away is an assortment of cafes, bakeries and retail shops.


Eat, Drink & Shop

Lathlain is home to two main local centres- Lathlain Place and Gallipoli Street. Together, they boast a range of cafes, bakeries and gift shops.

If you are a keen footy fan, check out the cafe at Mineral Resources Park and take a stroll through the West Coast Eagles gift store.

ToVP Common Place Bakery 210218 JWyld 004.jpgToVP Kettle Cafe 210218 JWyld 329.jpgToVP Laike Cafe 210218 JWyld 310.jpg


Lathlain is home to a number of beautiful parks. For more information on parks within Lathlain head here.

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