Swim school perpetual program

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Aqualife swim school caters for babies from six months through to squads and adults.

  • Classes taken by qualified and experienced AUSTSWIM trained instructors.
  • Endorsed by Royal Life Saving WA and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
  • High quality, temperature controlled teaching environments.
  • Complimentary swimming assessments.
  • Perpetual - ongoing monthly payments.

For any enquiries  please email the swim school at swim@vicpark.wa.gov.au or to speak to someone call 9373 5400. 


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Infant (6 months to 3 years)

Infant levels are age base, no need to book at the first level. These lessons are based on motor skills and cognitive development skills. Infant classes are a baby and you class with parents going through the levels each step of the way.

Chick 6-12 months: 10 students

Cygnet 12-18 months: 10 students

Mallard 18 months-2 years: eight students

Penguin 2-2.5 years: eight students

Swan 2.5-3 years: eight students

Once your infant is three they will move to the learn to swim levels. 


Learn to swim (3-6 years)

Our pre-school program starts with our introduction class to being able to swim correct strokes and safety requirements around the pool. Classes are maxed at four students to one teacher. To book an assessment, please complete our online assessment form.

Starfish –  is a class which aims to slowly transition the parent out of the water. In this stage your child will learn to work with the instructor independently and be introduced to basic water familiarisation and confidence building skills.

Clownfish – is the beginner class for children who will confidently participate in classes without assistance from a parent in or out of the water. In this stage your child will learn basic water familiarisation skills and body orientation skills such as submerging, floating and flutter kick.

Seahorse – after your child has mastered the skills in Clownfish they will progress to Seahorse. In this stage your child will learn to execute their floating and flutter kick with more independence whilst also learning to master new body orientation skills.

Frog – this stage is where your child starts to develop their independent body coordination and basic stroke abilities. 

Octopus – in this stage your child will start to learn a basic freestyle arm action and extend their independence and stroke ability on their back.



Swim Kids (6 years, stages 1-9)

Our swim kid program is run from the royal life program stages. Going from water familiarisation to swimming continuous laps. These classes range from five to eight students per class. If your child has done these levels with another facility or with a school, please complete our online assessment form.

Higher awards (stages 10 )

Our higher awards program is for anyone who has passed stage 9 with the royal life program. You can choose to join our junior life guard program (JLG) or our swim fit program. To book an assessment, please complete our online assessment form.

Swim fit – focuses on the four main strokes in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle and building endurance in the 45min class.

JLG – follows on with the royal lifesaving levels and incorporates, lifesaving skills, games, stroke development, CPR and competitions. 


We have three adult levels starting from beginners (no swimming knowledge) to advance (fixing technique).

Adult Beginner 30 min lesson – water familiarisation and intro to freestyle and backstroke.

Adult Intermediate 30 min lesson– working on your basic freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and survival backstroke.

Adult Swim Fit 45 min lesson – working on stroke correction and building lap repetitions. 

To book an assessment, please complete our our online assessment form.

Private lessons

Our swim school is lucky to be the first in WA to become an NDIS endorsed swim school helping the disadvantaged get a step ahead. We have a number of our teachers also autism trained. If you would like to enquire about our 1:1 lessons please email our swim school.

Swim school cancellation form


What does perpetual mean?

Perpetual means an enrolment is ongoing. 
Breaks from lessons will only take place in July school holidays and Christmas/New Year period. 

When will my child be assessed if it’s ongoing?

Swim school supervisors assess each level every eight weeks. Teachers assess each child every lesson and once your child is competent in all skills they can move up.

Can we take a break at all during the year?

Yes, you will need to fill out an online cancellation form and cancel by 5pm on the tenth (10) day of the month. You can re-book through active carrot when you wish to come back.

What if we miss a lessons due to illness etc.?

If you miss a lessons please email swim@vicpark.wa.gov.au and you can receive a family swim pass, no credits or refunds will be granted.

How can I change my lesson day or time?

When you are ready to move levels or need to change your swimming day please email swim@vicpark.wa.gov.au or use the class change request tab under browse classes on the portal.   

When does the payment come out?

On the 15th of every month.

Are we charged if there is a public holiday?

No, there is no charge if your designated swim day falls on a public holiday.

How much do we get charged a month?

Direct debit payments are how many of your lesson day are on between the direct debit day and the 14th of the next month. Class prices are $15.00 for a 30minute weekday lesson, $15.50 for a 30minute weekend lesson and $16.00 for a 45minute lesson. 

 What is Swim Desk?

Swim Desk is our software that parents can track and see how their child is progressing through the levels. You will also receive a digital certificate once you pass the level.


Terms and Conditions

For more information about swimming lessons terms and conditions, please click on the following link.(PDF, 142KB)


Update of Debit Details

Any students requiring updating of Debit Details can so via the following methods;

1. Online Customer Portal Click Here

2. Debit Details Update Form(PDF, 132KB) complete and forward form to swim@vicpark.wa.gov.au

3. In Centre