The creche at the Town of Victoria Park leisure centres provides busy parents with the opportunity to balance caring for their young children with a healthy and active lifestyle.

The crèche staff are friendly and experienced childcare workers that all hold a working with children check. Parents are always welcome to come down and have a look at the crèche and meet the team.

We have story time, art and craft, home corner, drawing, play dough and loads more!

 The crèche takes children from eight weeks to five years of age. 

Conditions of Entry (Creche Facilities)

Vaccinations: All attendees to the Aqualife creche services must be fully vaccinated or up to date with their vaccination schedule to attend the creche facilities. 

All Access membership: Parents/guardians may only bring family related children into the creche under an all access membership. Enrolment forms must be filled out for each child to attend the creche service. Any non-related children (playdates, babysitting) patrons will need to pay a fee for a 90 min booking.

Age limits: Aqualife creche offer care for children from 8 weeks to 5 years. Once a child has turned 6 the child can no longer attend the creche service.

Aqualife creche bookings: Bookings can be made up to one week in advance before 8pm the day before their booking. Bookings can be done by phone, in person at the reception desk and online (all access members). Walk-ins will not be accepted. 

Booking times: All bookings have a 90-minute time limit. Please be aware that leaving your child over the allocated time slot can affect our adult/child ratio. We do ask for cooperation to adhere to these limits. Customers who continually arrive after their 90min time limit may be blocked from using our crèche services.

Session times: Patrons may only arrive into the crèche five minutes before their allotted booking time. If patrons arrive earlier than this, they may be asked to wait outside the crèche for their correct session time. If patrons are running late for their booking, their booking time will not be changed or extended. Children must be collected as per the booked session end time regardless of arrival time.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be done prior to 8am on the day of booking. Cancellations after 8am will be considered as a non-attendance, and the patron will be notified by email or text message that a crèche booking has been missed, and a late/cancellation fee per child will be added to member’s account (regardless of membership). Consistent non-attendance will result in being excluded from the crèche service.

Signing in/collecting children: staff will sign children in/out of the creche service. Children may only be discharged to the person that has dropped the child off unless prior arrangement is made with crèche staff.

Remaining on premises: Parent/caregiver must remain on premises at all times whilst their child/ children are attending crèche and are to observe the crèche time limits.

Recalling the parent/caregiver: Should your child become overly distressed (longer than 15 minutes) or is displaying unacceptable behaviour, crèche staff will recall the parent/caregiver to the crèche. The parent/caregiver must return immediately to attend to their child/children.

Sickness: Children with any colds, rashes, viruses, fever or head lice will not be accepted under any circumstance. If your child is too sick for school or childcare they are too sick for crèche.

Labelling: Patrons must label all children belongs and food containers. If food items are not labelled with the child’s name, staff will be unable to hand out that food.

Nappy changes: Crèche staff will only change soiled nappies if time permits and if safe to do so. Nappies and wipes are to be provided by the parent. Sometimes the crèche can be extremely busy and staff may miss a soiled nappy, or not have time to change them.

Allergies: Please inform staff of all allergies that your child/children may have and place the medication (if needed) in view of staff.

Food items: A strict ‘no nuts’ policy is applied to the crèche, under no circumstances are nuts or nut products are permitted in the crèche. Children are to be provided with finger food only (during our busy times spoon feeding can be difficult for staff). Bottles are given to babies when needed.

Operating hours

Aqualife creche: 

Monday - Saturday: 8.30am-12noon
Sunday   Closed
 Public Holidays Closed 



Enrolment Form

Before first visit to the creche, please complete the Enrolment Form


For initial visit, please call Aqualife (9373 5400) or Leisurelife (9373 5450) to make a booking.   


Bookings are essential. If this is your child's first crèche visit you will need to complete an enrolment form click here. Prior to attending the centre you will need to receive a confirmation email your enrolment form has been accepted.

Bookings can be made via:

  1. Online Customer Portal click here (for all access members only) 
  2. Contacting the Aqualife (9373 5400) Centre. Bookings need to be made by 8pm the day prior of the booking.



All Access Members:        Included (1.5hrs/child)

Essential Members :         $3.55     (1.5hrs/child)

Non Members:                  $4.55     (1.5hrs/child)   

What to bring?

We recommend that families please label all belongings. 

  • Healthy snack if required (strictly no nuts or nut products)
  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat and sun cream
  • Nappies and pram ( required for non-walkers )

Creche Booking Cancellation

 All creche cancellations need to be received by 8am on the day of booking otherwise will be treated as a no show.

Methods to cancel a creche booking:  

  1. Complete and submit creche cancellation form click here
  2. Contact the Aqualife (9373 5400 ) or Leisurelife (9373 5450) Centres