How do I use the different eResources? 

The library has video tutorials available that demonstrate how to use many of the eResources available in the collection. Click here to view.

What is my PIN/password?

To assign a pin/password to your membership details, please contact the library and ask staff to add your chosen pin/password to your membership. When the pin is not required you can select your own password when creating your account.

How many digital titles can I borrow/reserve at a time?

Borrowing allowances and lending periods vary between websites. See the HELP or FAQ sections of the individual websites for more information.

How long does it take to download a digital title to my device?

Download times depend on the size (KB/MB) of the title’s digital file and the speed of your internet connection, as well as the speed of your device’s ability to receive the data. We recommend that you connect to the internet while streaming films and while downloading digital files.

Can I renew digital titles?

Yes, most sites allow you to renew digital titles, but if another borrower has reserved the title you may have to wait again until that person has returned the title before you can renew it. See the HELP or FAQ sections of the individual websites for more information.

I’m having difficulty downloading digital titles to my device. Can someone at the library help me?

No, library staff cannot assist with troubleshooting or technical support. See the HELP, SUPPORT, or FAQ section of the individual websites or contact the provider directly for assistance. For computer or device training, contact the Town's Digital Hub.

Will the library notify me about reserved items or when my borrowed titles are due to expire?

No, the digital collection providers are responsible for sending email updates to you about your reserved titles or if your borrowed titles are about to expire.