Local History Awards

The Town of Victoria Park Local History Awards promote interest in the rich history of the Town by encouraging the community to explore local identities, significant events and heritage relevant to the area.

The awards and ability to add to our local history collection means we are able to preserve the written, oral and visual history of the Town for future generations.

All of the entries into the Awards become part of the Local History Collection.


This year we are also introducing a fourth category to the Awards that of 'Original Poetry or Performance Work'. This is for those who love to write poetry, might have written a little play about an event, story or theme from our past, or even have written a children's story to encourage our younger generation with the love of history. This is the category for you. We were inspired to add this category as in the 2021 Local History Awards we received a fantastic poem titled "Boulevard of Broken Cars" which tells the story of the car yards and life around them along the Albany Highway of the 1970s and 1980s.  

About the Awards


  • Open: 9 am Tuesday 3 January
  • Close: 5 pm Friday 31 March

There will be two prizes awarded in each category:

  • Personal Memoirs winner $700 and runner up $300
  • Original Research winner $700 and runner up $300
  • Photographic memories winner $700 and runner up $300
  • Original poetry or Performance work winner $700 and runner up $300.

Possible topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • The changing face of Albany Highway
  • Whadjuk Noongar history
  • Your experience of life in Victoria Park during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Research a local Soldier (WWI or other conflict)
  • How Carlisle, Lathlain, Burswood and Victoria Park have changed
  • How businesses have developed in the Town, such as the story of the corner stores; memories of furniture factories like Hearn Bros & Stead or the State Saw Mills.
  • Historic images relating to the development of the Town
  • Images documenting family life, school days, sporting club life, nature, architecture, car-yards and other businesses etc.

Entries must relate to the development of the Town of Victoria Park and can take the format of:

  • a report
  • a memoir
  • an interview with associated text or commentary
  • paintings, drawings or photographs with associated text or commentary
  • a collection of original verse or anecdotes.

Conditions of Entry

1. Entries must be original work and all quotes and use of work by other authors must be acknowledged and referenced.

2. Entries must be relevant to the history and development of the Town of Victoria Park.

3. Entries become the property of the Town of Victoria Park Library Local History Collection, which retains the right to use an entry as it chooses, with acknowledgment of the author.

4. The judges have the right to award a category only if, in their opinion, it is justified.

5. Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

6. Entries, including the application form, must be received at the Library by 5pm Friday 31 March 2023.

7. There are four categories to the awards:

  • Personal Memoirs (maximum 10,000 words)
  • Original research (maximum 10,000 words)
  • Photographic memories
  • Original poetry or performance work

8. Photographic entries must have been taken in the Town of Victoria Park and be original photos or high quality scans (ideally 400-600 dpi) not currently held in the Town of Victoria Park Local History collection.  Original photographs will be scanned and archived or returned if requested.

9. Photographic entries must have the ‘Questions about your photograph’ section of the entry form completed.

10. Members of staff, members of Council, their partners and members of their immediate families are ineligible to enter the award.

Dates of Note

Whether you are entering them or just looking forward to reading and seeing all the new entries into the 2023 Local History Awards the following dates are important to note in your calendar. The Awards are:

Open for submissions - Tuesday 3 January

Close for submissions - 5pm Friday 31 March

Winners announced at the Awards Presentation Night - Friday 26 May

Exhibition of all entries opens at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts - Saturday 27 May

Exhibition closes - 4pm Wednesday 14 June 

Entry Forms

Entry forms are available in hardcopy print format from the Library.

You can also print a PDF version of the entry form(PDF, 20MB) or you can enter using the online version of the entry form below:


* Please note that by agreeing to give the Town of Victoria Park copyright of your photographs, written work or other items as part of your submission to the Local History Awards, you are not overriding or losing your copyright, it just gives the Town rights to use the material also. 



Image: Rosenthal family, c. 1910

Past Awards

Need some inspiration? Or just curious about what others have entered in the past? Then you might like to check back through previous years of the Awards here:

2021 Local History Awards 

A big thank you to our judges: Kris Bizacca and Heather Campbell.

Original Research

There were five entries into this category made by four people:

  • "Who Lived in My House - 14 Temple Street, Victoria Park" by Margot Hayes
  • "The Story of John Thomas O'Reilly" by Patrick O'Reilly Low (read Patrick's entry here(PDF, 5MB) )
  • "The Story of Patrick O'Reilly" by Patrick O'Reilly Low
  • "Victoria Park East - North Bickford - Carlisle 1894-1919" by Tresna Shorter (read Tresna's entry here(PDF, 2MB) )
  • "Pages of My Mind: Excerpts from 'My Scrapbooks of Memories' representing the years of Betty Ginbey (nee Waterman) and her family's life spent living in Victoria Park" by Liz Deague


The winners in this category were:

An Honourable Mention was awarded to Margot Hayes for her work “Who Lived in My House: 14 Temple Street, Victoria Park”. The judges appreciated the impressive amount of original research collected as part of Margot’s entry, which is a historical survey of number 14 Temple Street, Victoria Park. Margot's entry is available to view in the Library.

Second place goes to Liz Deague. Liz entered excerpts from her larger work, titling her entry “Pages of My Mind: excerpts from ‘My Scrapbook of Memories’ representing the years of Betty Ginbey (nee Waterman) and her family’s life spent living in Victoria Park”. The Waterman family was resident in the Town from 1898 to 1959. Liz’s grandfather Alfred Waterman lived in Victoria Park and established his holiday home at what became Waterman’s Bay, after Alfred. Alfred was quite an entrepreneur and even held the patent for school desks at the time, which were then made in his factory near Albany Highway, Victoria Park.

Pages of My Mind: Excerpts from 'My Scrapbook of Memories' representing the years of Betty Ginbey (nee Waterman) and her family's life spent living in Victoria Park by Liz Deague(PDF, 14MB)

First place goes to Patrick O’Reilly Low for his, as the judges put it, "interesting, well-written and well presented piece that used a variety of primary sources on the background, life and death of a Victoria Park identity” named Patrick O’Reilly. Patrick O'Reilly was the builder of the old Town Hall and also built the original St Joachim’s church (no longer standing) and our Patrick’s research (that is the Patrick here with us tonight) really brings out the life and heart of his ancestor the builder and one time councillor of the Municipality of Victoria Park. This entry was not only a family history but also a local history of high import.

The Story of Patrick O'Reilly by Patrick O'Reilly Low(PDF, 5MB)

Personal Memoirs

There were five entries received in this category:


The winners in this category were:

An Honourable Mention to Mr Graham Carpenter for his poem “Boulevard of Broken Cars” which the judges were absolutely thrilled by. “Praising this unusual and imaginative entry which captures the atmosphere of Victoria Park in the time when Albany Highway was the ‘drag was all car yards’ ". The judges were so impressed with this entry and have recommended a category especially for poetry and creative works in the 2023 Awards.

Boulevard of Broken Cars by Graham Desmond Carpenter(PDF, 693KB)

The calibre of entries in this category was high, with the judges deciding that there were two equal winners for first place:

Sharon Mitchell’s entry is the personal memoirs of her mother Jessie and is a lovely peek into the 91 and still going, wonderful years of Jessie’s life in the Town of Victoria Park. The judges particularly enjoyed the way Sharon’s writing recorded the important voice of women and mother’s in our society. The work includes photographs and makes a great contribution to the Local History collection in the recording of original material on Etwell Street and the area’s development around returned servicemen’s housing.

Jessie's story 91 years in the Town of Victoria Park by Sharon Mitchell(PDF, 538KB)

Carole Rutter’s entry the judges declared an absolute gem! They said also that it was “a delightful story of life as a child and of family life at 5 Moorgate Street. A good description of property and outbuildings, including layout and changes to them, social commentary on the type of people who lived in East Victoria Park and features the difficulties of outside dunnies and the importance of having an indoor one – a neighbour had one installed, but visitors had to still use the outside dunny.”

Dolls in Dark Dunnies by Carole Rutter(PDF, 1MB)


Photographic Memories

No entries were received in this category.

Photos from the Presentation Night

The Presentation Night for the Awards was held on Friday 28 May from 6-7.30pm at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts. All entrants to the Awards were invited to preview the exhibition and to hear the winners of each category announced. The Mayor, Ms Karen Vernon awarded the prizes whilst Councillor Luana Lisandro was the master of ceremonies for the event and Councillor Jesvin Karimi assisted with the presentations.

Flowers presented to all Award entrants on the night were purchased from Green Bunch. The photographs exhibited were all printed, enlarged and matted or framed by Milford Framers.

Now for the photographs:


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Allan-Hotchkiss-and-Councillor-Jesvin-Karimi-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Carole-Rutter-1-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Carole-Rutter-2-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 933KB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Carole-Rutter-with-her-certificate-and-Mayor-Vernon-1-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Carole-Rutter-with-her-certificate-and-Mayor-Vernon-2-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)



Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Councillors-Lisandro-and-Karimi-reading-entries-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Cr-Jesvin-Karimi-Graham-Carpenter-and-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Cr-Jesvin-Karimi-Rosemary-Ritorto-and-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 955KB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Crs-Lisaandro-and-Karimi-Liz-Deague-and-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Crs-Lisaandro-and-Karimi-Madeleine-Tingey-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Crs-Lisaandro-and-Karimi-Margot-Hayes-and-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Crs-Lisaandro-and-Karimi-Patrick-Low-and-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Crs-Lisaandro-and-Karimi-Sharon-Mitchel-and-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Graham-Carpenter-and-Mayor-Karen-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Keith-Margot-Hayes-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Lexington-and-Savannah-Mitchell-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Lexington-Sharon-and-Savannah-Mitchell-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Sharon-Mitchell-with-her-certificate-and-Mayor-Vernon-1-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Sharon-Mitchell-with-her-certificate-and-Mayor-Vernon-2-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Lexington-Savannah-Sharon-Mitchell-with-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Liz-Deague-and-Mayor-Karen-Vernon-2-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Liz-Deague-and-Mayor-Karen-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Liz-Deague-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Madeleine-Tingey-2-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Margot-Hayes-and-Mayor-Karen-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Mary-Ambrose-seated-and-Cr-Jesvin-Karimi-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Crs-Lisandro-and-Karimi-Mary-Ambrose-and-Mayor-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Mayor-Karen-Vernon-and-Patrick-OReilly-Low-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Patrick-OReilly-Low-and-Mayor-Vernon-shaking-hands-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Patrick-OReilly-Low-in-front-of-his-ancestors-photos-1-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Patrick-OReilly-Low-in-front-of-his-ancestors-photos-2-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Rosemary-Ritorto-LHO-and-Mayor-Karen-Vernon-f-or-we.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Ruth-Schofield-LSM-2-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 556KB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Cr-Lisandro-presents-flowers-to-a-judge-Kris-Bizzaca-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-R-Ritorto-Cr-Lisandro-Kris-Bizacca-Heather-Campbell-K-Vernon-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Graham-Carpenter-performing-his-peom-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Graham-Carpenter-performing-his-poem-with-crowd-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-the-attendees-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Crs-Lisandro-Karimi-with-Award-Entrants-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-R-Ritorto-speaking-with-Lexington-and-Sharon-Mitchell-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Sharon-Lexington-and-Savannah-Mitchell-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 2MB)


Scenes-of-the-2021-LHAPresNightCfortheArts-Sharon-Mitchell-and-Rosemary-Ritorto-for-w-e.jpg(JPG, 1MB)

View the Exhibition

Please note these are photographs of the exhibition at Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, 12 Kent Street, East Victoria Park. To see a particular photograph in more detail please contact the Local History Officer.






2019 Local History Photographic Awards


The library hosted a successful Local History Photographic Awards on Thursday 6 June 2019. Award entrants, their families, elected members and guests were invited to attend. With canapes and drinks being served and the Town’s Function Room being fitted out with wine barrel cocktail tables and floral arrangements, the evening was set for success. The most delicious spring rolls, canapes and a divinely tasty grazing platter made the food at the night a definite talking point. 

Awards-night 4 

Photographs that were entered in the awards had been enlarged to around the A3 size and presented well with their matte frames and resting on their own artist’s easels.  Deputy Mayor Vicki Potter presented the winners with their awards and every entrant received a posy of flowers and a certificate of Honourable Mention.

The winners of each category were:

Photographic Memories Award

Award description: one or more photographs taken before 1994 with written description.

First Place – $500 - Mr Garnet Peek – who entered a collection of photographs of his family business Allpest and its premises during the 1950s and '60s

One of Mr Peek’s entries: 62-66 Canning Highway, Victoria Park 1958 - G. Raymond Peek - 2019


Second Place – $250 - Mr Neville Hills - 13 Staines Street, Lathlain (then Victoria Park), circa 1938 (C A first communion group, St Joachim's, Shepperton Road, Victoria Park c. 1941-42 (Courtesy of Neville Hills)

One of Mr Hills entries: A first communion group, St Joachim's, Shepperton Road, Victoria Park c. 1941-42.


Photographic Studies Award

Award description: a series of photographs with substantial written commentary.

First Place – $500 - Mr John Gannaway – who entered a collection of photographs of his grandfather and former City of Perth Councillor for Victoria Park, Thomas Henry Fletcher.

One of Mr Gannaway’s entries: A working bee during the building of the Fletcher's house at 97 Raleigh Street, Carlisle. Thomas Henry Fletcher in the front holding hammer.


25th Anniversary Award

Award description: one or more photographs, with written description, taken between 1994 and 2019 capturing the theme of 25 years of Loving Vic Park.

First Place – $500 - Ms Sandra Smith – who entered a collection of photographs documenting 25 years of swimming in the Town.

One of Ms Smith’s entries: Victoria Park Swimming Club's Annual Summer Multi-Club Carnival at Aqualife - 11th December 1994

2015 Local History Awards


2015 Local History Award winners

The 2015 Local History Awards were presented at a ceremony in the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts on Friday 12 June 2015.

The judges were Loreley Morling, Jacqui Sherrif and Wilf Hendriks. Town of Victoria Park Mayor Trevor Vaughan presented the winners and runners-up with their prizes and certificates.

Pictured: 2015 Local History Award winners Roy Criddle (Winner: Original Research: 'A Man Called Stan'), Leslie John Stevens (Winner: Personal Memoirs for 'Memories of Long Ago') and Otto Walkemeyer (Photographic Memories: 'Terminus Bakery - Transport') with Mayor Trevor Vaughan.


Personal memoirs

Winner: ‘Memories of Long Ago’ by Leslie John Stevens

Judges’ comments: “A well-told nostalgic snapshot of life as a child in Victoria Park and the information provided is of good value to the local history collection.”

Memories-of-Long-Ago-PM-entry-2015-by-Les-Stevens.pdf(PDF, 536KB)

Runner-up: ‘Gieles’ Pastry Shop’ by Henk Giele

Judges’ comments: “An excellent personal memoir based on an oral history interview, which is nicely presented with relevant photographs that contribute to the story, and adds to our knowledge of Victoria Park businesses and families.

Original research

Winner: ‘A Man Called Stan’ by Roy Criddle

‘A Man Called Stan’ is the story of Victoria Park’s very own local hero – Stan Gurney, who volunteered in the Australian Imperial Force during the Second World War when he was awarded the Victoria Cross (posthumously) for bravery.

Runner-up: ‘They Served their Country with Honour’ by Jacquie Liddiard

‘They Served their Country with Honour’ contains the stories of a selection of the Victoria Park residents who fought in the First World War and are now listed on the new Victoria Park RSL Memorial Wall.

Photographic memories

Winner: ‘Terminus Bakery – Transport’ by Otto Walkemeyer

Judges’ comments: “A terrific series of photographs documenting changes to bread delivery in Victoria Park, along with supporting information about the business. An outstanding piece of work.” 

Runner-up: ‘Terminus Bakery – Final days’ by Otto Walkemeyer

Judges’ comments: “A very nice photo essay showcasing the history of one of Victoria Parks’ old established family businesses.” 

2015 Local History Awards Poster

2014 Local History Awards



On Friday 13 June 2014 the Town of Victoria Park Local History Collection held its 13th Local History Awards presentation. The event was held at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts and then Mayor Trevor Vaughan gave a welcome speech and presented the prizes.

The event was well attended and the entries provoked some interesting conversations and provided further offers of photographs and information for the collection.

Twelve entries were received including a description of Albany Highway in the 1930’s, a painting and poem of the Albany Highway café strip,  photographs of now demolished Victoria Park homes, a Service Station, road construction, and research on World War I in Victoria Park.

Three sections were open to entries:

  • Photographic Memories
  • Original Research
  • Personal Memoirs


Photographic Memories

Winner: “Lathlain Park Service Station” by Amanda Myers

Photograph and description of the history of the station, the services provided and the social life around it in 1952.


About the photograph: Lathlain Park Service Station by Amanda Myers(PDF, 68KB)


Runner up: “Orrong Road Construction” by Ray Webster

A series of photographs of and commentary on the construction of Orrong Road in the late 1990’s.

Read Orrong Road Construction by Ray Webster(PDF, 4MB)  


Original Research

Winner: “Victoria Park at War” by Jana Grabowsky

Provided some context to how the First World War affected the lives of residents in Victoria Park.


Runner up: “Some Lathlain Streets” by Neville Browne

Being a compilation of research from a number of sources relating to the naming of streets in Lathlain after war heroes.


Personal Memoirs

Winner: “Lathlain Memories” by Ray Webster

This piece talks about the transport, life and road systems around Lathlain. The entry includes insights on how lives were affected by issues such as the noise from the Maylands airport, the dust from the Swan Portland cement works and the construction of Orrong Road.

Read "Lathlain Memories" by Ray Webster(PDF, 2MB)  


Runner up: “Victoria Park in the ‘30’s” by Jacqueline Brophy

An interesting memoir of the changes in Albany Highway between the author’s childhood and 1994. Of particular interest are the mention of the Town Hall, the theatres and the stables in State Street which were the headquarters of the 10th Light Horse Brigade.

Read Victoria Park in the 30's by Jacqui Brophy(PDF, 720KB)


This article appeared in the Southern Gazette on 17 June 2014, p. 6


2013 Local History Awards




2009 Local History Awards


Under construction. Please check back soon.

2008 Local History Photo Awards


The 2008 Local History Photo Awards were designed to encourage members of the community to enter photographs that represent/present a photographic record of the Town of Victoria Park from its early development through to the current day.

There were three sections in these Awards: 

  • Pre-1950
  • 1951 to 1979
  • 1980 to 2008

 With the following prize monies awarded in each section:

  • 1st prize - $150
  • 2nd prize - $75
  • Commendation - $50*

*This prize was added at time of judging following advice from the judges that there were so many fantastic entries that they needed an extra award category to commend those entries. One commendation was thus awarded in each of the three sections.


There were 75 entries received into the Awards in 2008 and all the entrants were invited to the Presentation Night on Friday 9 May 2008. The event was held for the first time ever at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts. The prize-winners were presented with their awards by then Mayor, Trevor Vaughan. The exhibition of all entries, including the winners, was held at the Centre from 10 May until 22 May.


Section 1 : Pre-1950

1st place - Brian Cowley - "Butchers' Cutting Carts" - Meat was sold from door-to-door from this butcher in Albany Highway, Victoria Park. It was taken from the back of the horse-drawn carts and cut up in front of the customers. William Henry Cowley is on the extreme right.



Mayor Trevor Vaughan congratulating Brian Cowley on his winning entry



2nd place - Otto Walkemeyer - "World War II Safety Equipment - 1942-1943" (Photographer: Bernie Walkemeyer) - Tanya, Leon and Otto Walkemeyer wearing helmets and a gas mask belonging to their uncle who was an Air Raid Warden posted to City Beach. The children lived at the Terminus Bakery, on the corner of Dane Street and Albany Highway. The Perth City Council built an air-raid shelter on the Dane Street verge, where the Ampol driveway is now.



Mayor Trevor Vaughan congratulating Otto Walkemeyer on his prize winning entry



Commended - Bruce Rogers - "Inside Percy Ruffle's Shop, late 1940s" - Percy Ruffle's shop was a mixed business at 215 Albany Highway just up from Victoria Park Primary School. Percy is behind the counter. Percy was the entrant's mother's stepfather.



Section 2 : 1951 to 1979

1st place - Helen Doney - "Back to the stables after the milk run in Carlisle, 1967" (Photographer: Graeme Doney) - Phillip Doney, his horse Molly and dog Dino returning early in the morning to the stables and milk depot at 87 Bishopsgate Street, Carlisle after the nightly milk delivery in Carlisle. The photograph was taken looking west along Archer Street, with the petrol station on the corner of Archer and Raleigh Streets in the background.



2nd place - Jennifer Kohlen - "Demons Country", circa 1960-1962 (Photographer: Will Kohlen (aged 13)) - Enterprising youngsters in the neighbourhood earned some pocket money when the Perth Football Club played home games at Lathlain Oval in the heyday of the WAFL in the '50s and '60s. This picture was snapped in Saleham Street, Lathlain one Saturday afternoon in the early to mid 1960s. Parking fees were two shillings (20 cents) and many a headache was caused to the household when, at game's end, boxed-in car owners were anxious to get home and the entrepreneur of the house was nowhere to be seen.



Mayor Trevor Vaughan congratulating Jennifer Kohlen on her prize winning entry.



Commended - Lois MacArthur - "Boy Scout, 1962" (Photographer Norma Barden) - Phillip Barden took part in the 1st Victoria Park Scout Bike Hike and was photographed by the side fence of 57 Oats Street, East Victoria Park.



Section 3 : 1980 to 2008

1st place - Ray Webster - "Swan Portland Cement Works, undated" (Photographer: Ray Webster) - Demolition of the Cement Works had just started when this photograph was taken, looking southwest from Goodwood Parade near the Burswood Station.



2nd place - Ray Webster - "Lathlain Railway Station, May 2002" (Photographer: Ray Webster) - Lathlain Station, before it was closed, looking towards Victoria Park Station and the site of the former timber mill.



Commended - Noeline Frost - "Prime Movers, 2007" (Photographer: Noeline Frost) - The Prime Movers' class at the Leisurelife Centre, East Victoria Park; a truly local institution not known in UK or Canada.



Mayor Trevor Vaughan congratulating Noeline West on her prize winning entry


2007 Local History Awards

2006 Local History Awards

Under construction. Please check back soon.

2005 Local History Awards


Under construction. Please check back soon.


2004 Local History Awards


Under construction. Please check back soon.


2003 Local History Awards


Under construction. Please check back soon.


2002 Local History Awards

Under construction. Please check back soon.

2001 Local History Awards

Under construction. Please check back soon.

2000 Local History Awards

Under construction. Please check back soon.

1999 Local History Awards

Under construction. Please check back soon.

1998 Local History Writing Competition

The inaugural Local History Awards were held in 1998, the year after the Local History Collection was established. The idea behind the competition (as it was then called) was to encourage people to write or talk about their memories or experiences in the suburbs, or history of the Town of Victoria Park municipality. With all entries being received becoming part of the collection, the information, resources and depth of the collection would also grow. Specific gaps in the collection were identified and some of them were included on the entry form as suggestions for topics to research. To encourage people to see the Library, and the Collection as a safe place to make their valued documents, photographs and memorabilia available, either in the original form or as copies.

The competition was called the Town of Victoria Park Local History Competition and it ran from 17 August to the 25 September 1988. The winners were announced at a function that was held at 6pm on Proclamation Day, Wednesday 21 October 1998 at the Town’s Administration Centre.

There were two sections in the competition:

  • Open (word limit: 4,000 words with the prize money of: 1st - $500;2nd - $250)
  • Upper High School (word limit: 2,000 words with the prize money of: 1st - $250;2nd - $125;School prize - $250 to the school of the winning student)

Entries were encouraged in the following formats:

  • Written research with the use of photographs, sketches or diagrams if required;
  • A collection of original verse, anecdotes or songs pertaining to the area;
  • Photography, audio visual or videotape of an historical nature, with explanatory notes or commentary
  • Oral history – an unedited, labelled tape of an interview, accompanied by a brief outline of the topic chosen, a description, evaluation and transcript of the interview.

There was limited promotion of the competition however, and entry forms were sent to Kent Street Senior High School, Ursula Frayne Catholic College, 60 clubs and organisations within the Town, as well as Council departments. The schools were contacted and agreed with the concept of the competition and were willing to support and distribute the entry forms to their students.  When the forms were received, the schools advised that they would not actively encourage the students to enter because the history units for Western Australia were covered in first term.

The concept of the competition was well received by members of the public and the schools but the level of response was disappointing. It was decided thus to hold the competition again in 1999 and hold it earlier in the year to help coincide with the local schools’ delivery of their history programs.

Three entries were received in the open section which included a club booklet, an elderly entrant, who apologised for typing inaccuracies, and the third was handwritten with a series of photographs and newspaper cuttings.  A lot of work had gone into the handwritten entry.

A report of the 1998 competition was given at the Ordinary Council Meeting of the Town of Victoria Park on 10 November 1998 where it was also decided that it would support the Library in rerunning the competition again in 1999.