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Have you ever wondered what places in the Town of Victoria Park looked like in the old days, what people did for entertainment, how they dressed etc.? If yes, you might enjoy our weekly Time-warp Tuesdays posts on our Facebook page. 

Each week we feature a different image or images from our Local History Collection and provide what insights and information we know about the photograph. So be sure to check it out on Facebook every Tuesday, and get a little taste of times gone by. 

The following is our archive of all Time-warp Tuesdays posts, with new posts being added monthly.

If you have photographs you would like to donate to the collection (we can scan and return originals), please contact the Local History Coordinator on 9373 5500. We would love to hear from you!

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This Time-warp Tuesday sees us taking a ride on a horse-drawn taxi cab across The Causeway from Perth to Victoria Park - it is 1885. Perth can be seen in the distance behind the cab. It appears that the cab is crossing the section of the Causeway that goes over Heirisson Island. Telegraph and power poles can be seen running along the sides of the Causeway, with pedestrians walking on the paths on either side.


PH00007-01 The Causeway looking towards Perth, 1885

This week we are walking in the swampy foreshore of the Swan River near the Causeway, the same area that is now McCallum Park. It is 1885 and as we look out across the water we can see Heirrisson Island and Perth in the distance. The Causeway is to the right of the image. A dog is also exploring the swampy water.


PH00007-02 Looking towards Perth across the Swan River

This week’s Time-warp Tuesday takes us back to the 1880s and a view of Perth from Albany Road, Victoria Park. A post and rail fence runs along the left side of the road, with bush on both sides of road. Tuart trees are spotted throughout the background. A large tuart tree is pictured to the right, and is believed to be the site of the current day Broken Hill Hotel.


PH00008-01 Albany Road, Victoria Park c.1880s

Time-warp Tuesday this week commemorates Captain Harold Oscar Teague M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), for whom Teague Street, Burswood is named in honour. Harold Teague was a local doctor and was held in great esteem by the community, he was also Health Officer of Victoria Park.

The wooden oval plaque in the photograph commemorates the life, service and sacrifice of Captain Harold Oscar Teague. Inscription in relief reads: "In Remembrance. Captain Harold Oscar Teague, A.A.M.C. - A.I.F. Killed in Action at Flers. France. Feb: 14th 1917. Aged 39 Years". The oval plaque has decorative flourishes at top and bottom similar in style to a traditional mirror shape only made of wood. Plaque is mounted on a black stone square and hangs inside St Peter's Church, 11 Leonard Street, Victoria Park. 


PH00010-01 Wooden Plaque for Captain Teague - St Peter's Church, 2007 


Captain Harold Oscar Teague, MBBS AAMC-AIF, Killed in Action, France 1917 (Courtesy of the Victoria Park Local History Collection)

Time-warp Tuesday this week takes us back to the days of travelling by tram around Perth. This tram appears to be on Route 27 which ran from Perth Town Hall through to the Zoological Gardens. The tram also appears to be car 109 which was an A Class (2nd) bogie saloon style tram that was built by the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) Midland Workshop. This particular tram was built in 1924 and came into service on 2 September 1924. It could seat 64 passengers, and 28 standing. This tram car was in service until 19 July 1958. For more information on Trams in Perth refer to "Tracks by the Swan: the electric tram and trolley bus era of Perth, Western Australia" by Culpeffer-Cooke, Gunzburg and Pleydell.

The Model T Ford behind the turning tram appears to have the number plate "BW · 4". This registration belonged to Mr Daley of Guildford Road, Bayswater, according to "WA Motor Vehicle Registrations 1915-1928" by Carnamah Historical Society & Museum.


PH00016-01 Tram on Route 27, likely turning onto Fremantle Road (now Canning Highway), after crossing The Causeway, circa 1925


Time-warp Tuesday this week sees us beginning a journey down Albany Highway, or Albany Road as it was in the old days. We do not have a lot of information on this photograph except what can be seen in the image. We are looking down Albany Highway with a few shops on the left hand side, and a possible park/reserve on the right. One banner around a shop's front awning reads, "Cabinet Makers".


PH00017-02 Albany Highway, circa 1925

Time-warp Tuesday this week sees us continuing our journey down Albany Highway, or Albany Road as it was in the old days. We do not have a lot of information on this photograph except what can be seen in the image. Here we are looking down Albany Highway circa 1925, only houses can be clearly seen on the right.


PH00017-03 Albany Highway, circa 1925

Time-warp Tuesday this week sees us continuing our journey down Albany Highway, or Albany Road as it was in the old days. Do you remember our post back on 27 August 2019 where we showcased a photograph of Albany Highway back in the 1880s when it was a dusty track with a post and rail fence to one side and a wisen old tree? This is the same location, only circa 1925 with Broken Hill Hotel to the right.


PH00017-04 Albany Highway, circa 1925 - same position as PH00008-01

This week you are invited to meet Mr Joseph Bentley and his wife, Mrs Annie Bentley. They were long-time residents of Victoria Park and we know a few biographical details but not a lot else about them. Joseph and Annie Bentley lived at 938 Albany Highway. 

Do you have any information on the Bentleys that you can share with us for the Local History Collection?


PH00018-01 Mr Joseph Bentley
Portrait of Mr Joseph Bentley (1860-1952) husband of Annie, father of Albert Edward BENTLEY (b. 1903), Fred, Jim, Flo BERLE.


PH00019-01 Mrs Annie Bentley
Portrait of Mrs Annie Bentley (1862-1933), died 20/10/1933 aged 71. Wife of Joseph Bentley and mother of Albert, Frederick, James and Florence BERLE.

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