The library has a range of services for members and patrons to utilise.

Books on Wheels

The Town of Victoria Park Library offers its Books on Wheels service to residents and their carers living within the Town who are physically unable to visit the library.

Deliveries occur on a fortnightly basis with eligible residents able to borrow from the following items:
• Large print books
• Regular print books
• Non-fiction
• Audiobooks
• Music CDs
• DVDs
• Magazines
• Puzzles and games

For more information please contact the library and speak to one of our staff members.

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Free Wi-Fi

The library offers free wireless internet via the Public Wi-Fi Vic Park network. No password is required.

Connect to the network on your device, open your web browser, accept the terms and conditions and start browsing.

Public access computers (PCs)

Public computers in the library are available from 9am until 15 minutes before closing time, subject to availability. Contact the library to reserve a PC.

Library members can have up to 1hr for free a day. Members log-in to the PCs using their membership card number. Members also need their membership card to release their print job from the self-service terminal.

$2.50 per half hour for non-members. Non-members pay for a guest pass at the front counter. You then log-in to the PCs as a ‘Guest’ using the unique code on the pass. 

All members and patrons must abide by the Public Access Computers Conditions of Use.


Printing costs:

  • A4 black & white $0.20
  • A3 black & white $0.40
  • A4 colour $1
  • A3 colour $1.50

All printing is released from the Self-Service Print Release Kiosk. The Print Release Kiosk has a coin box terminal and an EFTPOS machine attached. The coin box terminal accepts $5, $10 and $20 notes and accepts all coins except for 5 cent pieces. 

Library members now have 2 options when paying for printing/photocopying:
Option 1- Members can choose to pay as they go by inserting cash or paying via EFTPOS
Option 2- Funds can be loaded onto Library membership cards for future use. Any money loaded onto your library card remains until used. Money loaded onto your card can only be used to pay for photocopying and printing.

Those using Guest Passes or Remote printing must pay the exact amount owing directly at the Self-Service Print Release Kiosk.

Library patrons have several options for printing:

From a Library computer

You can print directly using one of our computers.

  1. Connect to one of our computers using your Library Card.
    If you don't have a Library Card, you can ask for a Guest pass from the Service Desk.
  2. Open up your document.
  3. Send the document to the printer.
  4. Go to the library's Self-Service Print Release Kiosk.
  5. Enter your library card number or Guest pass.
  6. Pay with cash or card.
  7. Collect your printing.

Via email

You can email your print job from your own smartphone, tablet or laptop:

Based on the size and colour of your document select from the list below:

A4 Black and white - single sided

Click here

A4 Black and white - double-sided

Click here

A4 Colour - single sided

Click here

A4 Colour - double-sided

Click here

A3 Black and white - single sided

Click here

A3 Black and white - double-sided

Click here

A3 Colour - single sided

Not yet available

A3 Colour - double-sided

Not yet available

Once emailed, go to the Self-Service Print Release Kiosk to pay and release your print job from the queue.

From your mobile

You can print directly from your mobile using PrinterOn Mobile Application. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Find and download the PrinterOn App from your preferred app store.
  2. In the app, click 'No printer selected' and search for ‘Town of Victoria Park Library’.
  3. Click or tap the tick icon on the top right to confirm your printer selection.
  4. Choose what you would like to print, then click Print and enter your email address.
  5. Go to the library’s self-serve print release station.
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Pay with either cash or card.
  8. Collect your printing.

From your laptop

You can print directly from your laptop using PrinterOn Portal. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit PrinterOn Portal.
  2. Select the colour settings and paper size you wish to use.
  3. Enter your e-mail address.
  4. Select the file you wish to print and click the arrow to continue.
  5. Go to the library’s self-serve print release station.
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Pay with cash or card.
  8. Collect your printing.



Scanning is free for members and non-members. The library scanner is built into the printer and scans to email and to USB. 

Fax machine

Faxes cost $3

Enquire at the front counter if you wish to send a fax from the library's fax machine.

Bike locks and chains

The library has heavy duty bike locks and chains available for members to borrow for one day use only and must be returned during library opening hours.

All members and patrons must abide by the Bike Locks Conditions of Use.

Enquire at the front counter if you wish to borrow one of the library 's bike locks.


The library has headphones attached to each PC available for use.

Ping Pong paddles and balls

The library has ping pong paddles and balls available for members to borrow to use at the Public Outdoor Ping Pong table in John Macmillan Park for one day use only and must be returned during library opening hours.

Enquire at the front counter if you wish to borrow the library 's ping pong paddles and balls.








Get Fit Kit

Being physically active is important for your health and wellbeing.

A Get Fit Kit is designed to help get you moving and they are now available for loan at the Victoria Park Library. The kit includes various exercise equipment and even sample exercise programs to get you started.

Enquire at the front counter to borrow a kit. Please check with your doctor before you borrow a kit, especially if you have any health concerns.








Charging stations

The library has a charging station. The charge bar can accommodate up to eight different devices(Apple and Android). It is located next to the Sega game console.
Please be aware that you leave your phone/device in the station at your own risk.

Charge bar

Council and community information

The library displays documents, flyers and brochures with Town of Victoria Park Council and community information and events.  

Memory care kits

Memory Care Kits are designed to foster communication and engagement between caregivers and people experiencing memory loss.

Each kit includes stimulating tactile activities, a book, a music CD, playing cards, conversation cards or games, a local history puzzle, and a copy of the Dementia Australia’s handbook: The Dementia Guide.

Each kit is thematic, and the themes are:

  • Australia
  • Colours
  • Around the House
  • Food
  • Play
  • Animals
  • Mens Shed- Coming soon!

Items are intended to spark memory, discussion and allow for reminiscence.

Ask staff for more information and borrow a kit today.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a library member to use the public computers/scanner/photocopier/printer/fax?
No, anyone can access the library services. Library members have free access to the PCs, but if you are not a library member, you can book a PC for $2.50 per half hour.

Can I print from my laptop/phone/tablet/USB?
Yes- see above for instructions.

Can I pay for my printing with EFTPOS?
Yes, it is possible to pay for printing using EFTPOS. You still need to need to send your document to print via one of the Public Access PCs. 

Do the library computers have internet access/this specific type of software?
All of the PCs have internet access via web browsers and have basic software installed on them (e.g. Microsoft Office programs).

I’m not very confident with using computers, is there someone at the library who can help me/teach me how to use it?
No, please book in for a session with our Digital Literacy Officer for computer, internet and device training. 

Does the library offer tax help/eTax?
No, members and patrons should contact the Australian Taxation Office on 13 28 61 to see if they are eligible for help and to book an appointment. However, you can use the library PCs to lodge your tax return via the MyGov website. You need to be registered on the MyGov website and have a username and password.

Do you filter websites/search engines?
No, the library does not utilise filtering software.

Can the library or Town of Victoria Park access or store any of my personal information?
The PCs are reset each time they are restarted, so no passwords are ever kept. No attempt is made to identify individual users or their browsing activities except, in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the library ’s logs. The number of people using the public access computers is logged and may be used by the library for statistical purposes.

I am or know someone who cannot visit the library in person. Does the library offer a delivery service?
Yes, the library offers a Books on Wheels delivery service to residents and their carers living within the Town who are physically unable to visit the library (conditions apply). To speak to the library officer in charge of the Books on Wheels service, contact the library.