Burswood South


Situated at the eastern gateway to the Perth central business district, Burswood South is home to numerous businesses and homes that enjoy convenient access to the attractions of the city, Burswood Peninsula and Victoria Park.

With an attractive parkland setting and its outstanding proximity to the city, Perth Airport and road and public transport connections, the area is set to transform into a vibrant centre for business, entertainment and inner city living.

Burswood South Snapshot

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Meet Tracy McQue - Senior Place Leader (Strategic Planning)


Tracy has over 20 years’ experience as a strategic town planner working mostly in local government across a diversity of topics to prepare long-term urban growth and planning strategies and locally-responsive place plans. Tracy recently gained post-graduate qualifications in cultural heritage and looks forward to working with the community to ensure local places reflect the diversity of local values, now and into the future.

Favourite thing about Burswood South: “My favourite thing about Burswood South is its enormous potential. Situated at the doorstep of the city and the Albany Highway strip, with the attractions of Burswood Peninsula just next door, the area is ripe to transform into a thriving and vibrant place to live, work and visit and it will be great to see this take shape over coming years.”

Burswood South Place Plan