Carlisle is a primarily residential area focused around a vibrant local centre on Archer Street. The neighbourhood offers a great lifestyle with a range of housing choices, well-connected to the Perth CBD and beyond by two train stations, and numerous great food and lifestyle hotspots on its doorstep. 

There are plenty of great places to walk to, including green spaces such as Fletcher Park and the new Zone 2X. There is a strong-knit Carlisle community helping build the area from strength to strength, with initiatives such as the Summer's Eve on Archer family event.

Carlisle Snapshot

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Meet Caden McCarthy - Place Leader (Transport)


Caden is a Transport Planner who has worked with local government and communities to deliver great place and transport outcomes across Perth. His experience ranges from high level strategic policy work down to small scale infrastructure delivery in town centres. Outside of work, Caden enjoys riding his bike, playing football and playing with his retired greyhound.

Favourite thing about Carlisle: “My favourite thing about Carlisle and Welshpool is how diverse it is. It is one of the few well-connected neighbourhoods that offers diverse restaurants, local shops and employment opportunities while remaining a great place to live for people of all ages.

Carlisle Place Plan