Curtin University and Bentley


Curtin University and Bentley is the epicentre of knowledge and innovation within the Town of Victoria Park. Anchored by the Curtin University Bentley campus and surrounded by private training institutions, technology innovators and community service leaders, Curtin-Bentley is well-located for business and learning in Perth’s inner suburbs.

Curtin University and Bentley is also home to Kensington Bushland, the Town’s most pristine area of natural bush, and the popular Harold Rossiter Park. 

Curtin University and Bentley Snapshot 

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Meet Jack Hobbs - Place Leader (Strategic Planning)


Jack is an urban planner with over seven years experience in statutory and strategic planning. He loves investigating all things about the urban environment particularly how public spaces shape our experiences and behaviours. Jack is passionate about delivering policies and projects that create more sustainable cities and enable places and their communities to prosper. 

Favourite thing about Curtin and Bentley: “There is such a diversity of places and a unique blend of interesting people from all walks of life. From the hive of activity on campus and innovation occurring within Technology Park to the natural beauty of Jirdarup Bushland and the social connections taking place within the numerous community services on offer there is something for everyone”. 

Curtin University and Bentley Place Plan