Curtin University and Bentley


Curtin University and Bentley is the epicentre of knowledge and innovation within the Town of Victoria Park. Anchored by the Curtin University Bentley campus and surrounded by private training institutions, technology innovators and community service leaders, Curtin-Bentley is well-located for business and learning in Perth’s inner suburbs.

Curtin University and Bentley is also home to Kensington Bushland, the Town’s most pristine area of natural bush, and the popular Harold Rossiter Park. 

Curtin University and Bentley Snapshot 

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Meet Carly Pidco - Senior Place Leader (Strategic Planning)


Carly is an urban planner with over ten years of experience in WA. She enjoys unravelling the details that make cities tick, and her previous planning experience includes diverse projects such as cemetery land use planning, NBN approvals, university campus masterplanning, advising on airports and airparks, and training local Councillors. In her spare time, Carly can be found working on her PhD in urban planning, planning soviet architecture themed holidays, or hanging out at local cafes with her dog.

Favourite thing about Curtin and Bentley: “There is such a range of innovators and experts within the campus and Technology Park, and only a few kilometres from the CBD – the potential for this cluster is amazing. And right alongside it, the best area of bush in the Town of Victoria Park.”

Curtin University and Bentley Place Plan