Victoria Park


Victoria Park is the heritage heart of the Town. It is home to numerous character cottages from the early 20th century, many of which have been lovingly restored, as well as leafy streetscapes and several state-registered heritage buildings. McCallum Park and Taylor Reserve provide opportunities for recreation and events with stunning views of the Perth skyline. Albany Highway offers an eclectic range of local businesses and is home to the Town of Victoria Park’s administration offices. Victoria Park is the gateway to the Town from the CBD, and a much-loved place to live and visit. 

Victoria Park Snapshot 

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Meet Jess Gannaway - Senior Place Leader (Strategic Planning)


Jess is an urbanist with qualifications in both town planning and landscape architecture. Having started her first job at the Town as a fresh-faced university graduate, Jess left to travel the world and has since worked in private and local governments sectors. After several years, she found herself returning to the place her heart was happiest and took up an offer to return to the Town. In her spare time, Jess can be found living her best Vic Park life in the way that all locals do - searching for the best almond croissant on Albany Highway, chasing her naughty dog and rascally daughter around the local park, and zipping around town on her electric bike.

Favourite thing about Victoria Park: “The immediate feeling of passion and heart you get from business owners and community members who are working so hard to make Vic Park the place it is!"

Victoria Park Place Plan