The Town of Victoria Park is a bustling, inner-city location which attracts many visitors and is home to a diverse community.

Parking is an important resource in the Town. When considering where and how much parking to provide, we must also consider Town planning, traffic flow and movement of people to ensure we can provide the vibrant lifestyle our community enjoys.

We use a Parking Management Plan which is enforced by a Parking Local Law to help us achieve this balance. The plan incorporates our dynamic pricing model, which fluctuates with changes in demand and helps us to maintain equitable access to the Town’s parking resources.

We offer over 5,100 parking bays, three free zones and the cheapest rates in the Perth metro area.

Parking Management in the Town

Where can I find parking?

Always refer to signage, ticket machines and the EasyPark app to check on ticket pricing at any given location. Our dynamic pricing model means that rates in some areas may be higher or lower depending on demand and location. 

On-street parking

Restrictions (Short-term)
Fees per hour
Fees per day
1 N/A P (All day) $1.40 from $7.50 15 mins free
2 and 6 2P (two-hour) N/A from $1.65 - $4.90 N/A 30 to 60 mins free
3 2P (two-hour) P (All day) from $1.65 - $4.90 $7.50 30 to 60 mins free
4 2P (two-hour) P (All day) $1.40 $7.50 15 mins free
5 2P (two-hour) P (All day) from $0.75 - $2.25 $7.50 30 to 60 mins free

Off-street parking

Fees per hour
Fees per day
Somerset street car park 013A P (All day) $1.40 $7.50 15 mins free
King George street car park 004 8P (eight hour) $1.50 $7.50 60 mins free
Hawthorne place car park 023 P (All day) $1.50 $7.50 60 mins free
G O Edwards car park 017 P (All day) $1.50 $7.50 60 mins free

Parking area map

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How to pay 

You can pay via cash (coins only), credit card* (Visa and Mastercard), PayPass or EasyPark at all of our parking meters.
*1% surcharge on all credit card transactions


How to avoid getting a parking fine?

Time limits and regular enforcement are critical to fair management of parking around the town. On-street parking spaces are intended to provide short-term parking.  Parking restrictions are enforced and monitored daily to encourage a regular turnover which creates more equitable parking for all users including customers, business operators and surrounding residents of the limited number of parking spaces.

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