Licence Plate Recognition



As part of the Parking Management Plan, the Town is rolling out Licence Plate Recognition technology (LPR), which is a new tool to monitor parking within the Town. Initially LPR will operate in free, time-restricted parking areas along Albany Highway and also the Aqualife car park.

It will improve efficiency and reduce operating costs that will allow the Town’s Information and Parking Officers more time to respond to community needs and patrol in other areas.

When first rolled out the LPR was an automatic process with infringement notices being mailed to offenders. However following community feedback, the Town of Victoria Park changed the process to semi-automatic so that the infringement notice is placed under the vehicles windscreen wiper. This also minimises the likelihood of ACROD permit holders receiving an infringement, as the officer can sight the ACROD permit.

What is Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)?

LPR combines a number of cameras attached to a patrol car with an internal Global Positioning System (GPS) and a computer running Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software. This software and GPS system will automatically record the licence plate of offending vehicles along with its location and take photographs.

What is the difference between the first roll-out (automatic process) and this one (semi-automatic process)?

The automatic process had LPR doing two sweeps of an area a few hours apart. Any cars that overstayed the time limit were photographed. Once back at the office, the photos were checked by an officer and an infringement sent in the mail.

This process had a design flaw as LPR cannot identify an ACROD permit displayed on the dashboard or windshield. ACROD permit holders are entitled to parking concessions (extended time) in all Western Australian Local Governments, as per the Road Traffic Code 2000.

The semi-automatic process is where LPR will still monitor vehicles and where a vehicle is detected to be parked longer than the parking limit, an officer will then inspect the vehicle for an ACROD permit. If a valid ACROD permit isn’t displayed on the vehicle’s dash, an infringement notice will then be issued and placed under the vehicle’s wiper blade.

The Town conducted a workshop to discuss LPR and ACROD permit holders. In attendance at this workshop were members of our community and a representative from the ACROD Parking Program (APP). APP is the organisation in WA who issues and manages the ACROD permit holders. The workshop concluded by an endorsement from all participants for the semi-automatic process as it provided the least inconvenience to ACROD permit holders.

How are infringements issued with LPR?

For offences detected by LPR, the Information and Parking Officer will stop the LPR vehicle. The Officer will check the photo details and GPS coordinates of the offending vehicle, inspect the dashboard, check for a valid ACROD permit, check the on-road parking signs and if all the conditions are met; issue a parking infringement under the windscreen wiper blade of the alleged offending vehicle.

What offences does LPR detect?

LPR will detect all vehicles which are:

• Overstaying the free timed parking restriction.
• Parking contrary to the street signs including loading and bus zones.
• Parking in No Stopping areas.

In what areas will the LPR vehicle be patrolling?

Initially, the LPR vehicle will patrol only in the free timed parking areas on Albany Highway. These areas are between Hill View Terrace and Hampshire Street, and Rathay Street and Manchester Street. 


LPR is also used at the Aqualife Centre carpark (more information here).


What is a free timed parking restriction?

A free timed parking restriction is where the parking is free and only limited to how long you can park. For example, a sign that says ‘2P’ but does not say the word ‘Ticket’ means it is free to park in that bay for up to two hours. 

What new parking restrictions are in place?

No new parking restrictions have been made – the same time limits apply as they always have done. LPR is just a more efficient way of identifying those who have overstayed their parking time limit, or parked in the wrong area.

Even if I have a ticket will I still be infringed if I have over stayed the allocated time?

Yes. In all ticketed areas there is also a specific time allocation. A vehicle can only park in these areas for the amount of time stipulated on the parking sign. For example, in Albany Highway there are ticketed two-hour timed parking bays (the signs say 2P Ticket). If you purchase a ticket for one hour and then after one hour purchase another ticket for two hours, even though the ticket has not expired, the car has still parked for over two hours and will be considered an offence. To be eligible to park in the same area again, the car must leave the area for at least two hours.

How do I dispute an infringement?

For further information about parking infringements please visit the parking infringement page.

LPR at Aqualife

• This is in response to complaints that non-Aqualife patrons are using the car park.
• The Aqualife car park is for Aqualife patrons only.
• Cars parked for longer than three hours not displaying an Aqualife parking permit will be infringed.
• Infringement notices will be left under the windscreen wiper by Parking Officers.
• Patrons who display a parking permit shouldn’t be affected by LPR. Speak to a member of Aqualife staff if you have any questions.