Optus Stadium

1. Where is the closest place to park near Optus Stadium?

There is limited public parking in close proximity to Optus Stadium. Please use the public transport provided to get to the stadium. Visit the Optus Stadium website for more information regarding this.

2. Where can I get information about events at Optus Stadium.

Please visit the Optus Stadium Events website for more information.

3. Can I 'kiss and ride' on Victoria Park Drive?

No, Victoria Park Drive and surrounding streets are restricted by a ‘No Stopping Road, Verge, Median’ restrictions.  A No Stopping restriction does not allow for a vehicle to stop for the purpose of dropping off or picking up people. This restriction is in place to ensure that no obstruction is caused during events to allow for bus routes and pedestrian movements. A vehicle found to be stopping contrary to a ‘No Stopping’ sign is likely to be infringed for doing so. If you are getting dropped off at an Optus Stadium event, please visit the Optus Stadium website to find the best route to get there.

4. What if I have an ACROD permit?

Information regarding ACROD parking at Optus Stadium can be found here.

5. Why are vehicles being towed?

The Town has worked with VenuesLive and Main Roads WA to ensure that best practice is put in place on event days. Vehicles are being towed to ensure that the necessary roads are kept clear of obstruction due to the high volume of people who are expected to be passing through this area as well as buses using these roads to transport people to and from the stadium.

6. My vehicle isn’t where I left it on Victoria Park Drive / Camfield Drive / Roger Mackay Drive.

If you have parked in a ‘No Stopping Tow Away’ zone, your vehicle may have been towed. Please call 138 138 to find out where your vehicle has been relocated to.

7. Who do I contact about my car being towed away?

If your vehicle has been towed, please call 138 138 to find out where your vehicle has been towed to.

8. Where will my car be towed to?

In the event of your vehicle being towed please contact Main Roads WA on 138 138 to find out the location of your vehicle.

9. How do I provide Town of Victoria Park with my feedback?

If you would like to contact the Town of Victoria Park with an enquiry or to provide feedback please email admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au or call 9311 8115 during normal business hours.