Parking FAQs

How much will it cost to park my vehicle in one of the new user-pays parking zones?

The Town of Victoria Park Council has sought to ensure the parking fees are reasonably priced.

Please be aware that the Town has implemented a dynamic pricing model, and the below ticket prices may not be up-to-date. Always refer to signage, ticket machines and the EasyPark app to check on ticket pricing at any given location.

On Albany Highway (2P Ticket), parking fees are dynamic and can change depending on the time of the day. As of 01 July 2021 the fees are:

  1. East Victoria Park (Area 2)
    1. 8AM – 10AM – $1.10/hour and 60 minutes free
    2. 10AM – 8PM - $2.20/hour and 30 minutes free
  2. Victoria Park (Area 3)
    1. 8AM – 9AM – $1.10/hour and 60 minutes free
    2. 9AM – 7PM - $2.20/hour and 30 minutes free
    3. 7PM – 8PM – $1.10/hour and 60 minutes free
  3. Raphael Park (Area 5)
    1. 8AM – 9AM – $0.50/hour and 60 minutes free
    2. 9AM – 3PM - $1/hour and 30 minutes free
    3. 3PM – 6PM – $0.50/hour and 60 minutes free

In Oats Street Area, Raphael Park Area and Burswood Area on street parking fees are:

  • $1.00 per hour for on-street parking;
  • $5.00 for eight hours in applicable parking paid areas. 

In Hawthorne Place and GO Edwards (within Burswood Area) car parks parking fees are:

  • $1.00 per hour for on-street parking;
  • $5.00 for eight hours in applicable parking paid areas. 

In all other areas within the Town of Victoria Park fees for car parks and on-street parking are:

  • $2.20 per hour for on-street parking;
  • $1.00 per hour for off-street parking 

The majority of on-street parking is free for the first 30 minutes (or 60 minutes depending on location). If you are parking for under the allotted free time, you will still need to obtain a ticket from the machine and display it correctly on the dashboard of your vehicle or alternatively use the EasyPark app. Please ensure you use the parking machine located closest to, and on the same side of the road as your vehicle.

Can I purchase a free 30-minute ticket in off-road car parks?

No. The 30-minute free parking only applies to on-street bays. This is to encourage a greater turnover of vehicles. Be sure to check the duration of free time in the location you are parking on the signage, ticket machine or EasyPark app.

Which ticket machine should I use?

It is important to use the ticket machine located closest to, and on the same side of the road as your vehicle. If you use a ticket machine on the opposite side of the road, it may fall under different parking restrictions.

Ticket machines on the opposite side of the road to your vehicle may not match the restrictions of your bay and you will still receive an infringement if you stay over the allotted time for that bay. Please check signage specific to your bay or area.

How do I pay?

All new ticket machines accept coins (5c coins are not accepted) and credit cards. Please ensure you use the machine that is closest to, and on the same side of the road as your vehicle. The first 30 minutes is free on all on street transactions and will be added to the time displayed after the first coin drop. The machines cannot give change – if you’ve inserted too much money you will need to cancel the transaction and start again. In the event that you don’t have the correct coins, there is the option to over-pay the machine.

How do I pay by credit card?

  1. Insert your credit card and leave it in the machine until you are instructed to remove it.
  2. Adjust your value (money) with the + or – buttons until your desired $ amount or expiry time is reached.
  3. Press the confirm button.
  4. Collect your ticket from the ticket door.

What if I’m parking for 30 minutes or less?

You will still need to get a ticket from the parking metre by doing the following:

  1. Press the minus button once.
  2. Press the confirm button.
  3. Collect your ticket and display it on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Can I prepay the ticket machine if I park my vehicle before the time restrictions begin?

Yes.  All machines will accept a payment up to two hours before the time restriction begins.

What if the machine is faulty and I need to park?

Call the Parking Assistance Line (PAL) on 1300 885 756 for assistance. This number is also listed on all parking machines. Your details will be recorded and where necessary a reference number will be issued for you to display on your vehicle’s dashboard.

In the event that the machine is faulty and you receive an infringement notice, this reference number will assist with your appeal. The machines will record any faults and the Town has a maintenance mechanism to clear faults as quickly as possible.

How much will I be fined if I exceed my parking time or fail to display my ticket?

If you overstay your time limit the penalty is $60. The same penalty applies for not displaying a parking ticket when required.

How do I dispute an infringement?

You are welcome to dispute or appeal a parking infringement.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is to submit an online appeal. To dispute an infringement you will need to lodge a written appeal.

The online appeals form will indicate whether your infringement can be successfully appealed based on the Town's current parking law and your situation at the time of the infringement.

Appeal your infringement

If you are unable to complete an online appeals form, please follow the steps outlined in the “Parking infringement withdrawal” section.  

Will ACROD permit holders receive an additional time allowance?

Yes. Vehicles displaying an ACROD (National Disability Services) parking permit are entitled to park for double the amount of time.

Please see ACROD (National Disability Services) website for more information:

I’m an ACROD permit holder – how do I get double time?

Simply select and pay for half the time you wish to park (the first 30 minutes or 60 minutes will be free – depending on location). When you display the ticket make sure your ACROD permit is clearly displayed.

I’m a resident of Victoria Park and one of these hotspots is on my street. Can I get a permit?

The Town provides parking permits to residents in accordance with the Parking Permit Policy and local law.

There are two types of permits which you may be entitled to apply for:

1)      Residential Permits provides residents who have limited onsite parking with an exemption to access parking near their properties that has sign-posted restrictions.  

2)      Transitional Permits provides residents up to 12 months to make alternative arrangements if there is inadequate onsite parking when restrictions adjacent to their property have recently changed.  

For more information regarding eligibility criteria or to make an application please visit Parking permit (residential/transitional).

I’m a business; can I get a permit for my employees?

No, the Town does not provide permits for businesses to give to employees. We can assist you to manage your existing private parking and we offer a range of TravelSmart ideas on the Parking alternatives page.

Why have the loading zones on Albany Highway been removed?

Most of the loading zones on Albany Highway have been removed for safety reasons and relocated along the side streets. 

Why can’t I pay for more than eight hours in an 8am - 6pm unrestricted parking area?

The decision to limit the maximum time allowance to eight hours was made to deter CBD workers from leaving their vehicles in Victoria Park and commuting to the City on foot or via public transport. We determined that it is unlikely that most of these offenders would be able to park their vehicle and travel in and out of the CBD within the eight hour time period.  

What is the big picture – the Integrated Movement Network Strategy?

In 2014, Council endorsed a critical document for the future management of transport in and through Victoria Park titled the Integrated Movement Network Strategy (IMNS).

This document will guide the delivery of an efficient, safe, well-connected and sustainable transport system for the region.  It represents the start of a greater focus by the Town of Victoria Park on placing transport issues high on its agenda.

The objectives of the IMNS are to:

  • Support the Town’s vision of Victoria Park – Vibrant Lifestyle.
  • Manage traffic congestion to make it easier to move goods and people.
  • Support economic growth.
  • Enhance the urban environment with greater emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian paths and connections with public transport.
  • Improve access to employment, entertainment, medical, education and community facilities.
  • Reduce transport costs for the community by providing better public transport services.
  • Improve transport links, connections and movements.
  • Create a healthier community through encouraging active travel such as cycling and walking.

The IMNS identifies six key focus areas, one of which is ‘Parking’. 

Why is the Town of Victoria Park charging for parking?

Over the past 10 years Victoria Park has struggled to provide enough parking to meet continually growing demand. With our population continuing to increase, it’s a problem that isnt going away. Parking congestion has become a major issue and caused problems for residents and local businesses alike.

It is the responsibility of the Town of Victoria Park to address the growing congestion issue and manage the limited amount of parking available within the district in the fairest and most responsible manner. This includes minimising the cost to our ratepayers.

Following extensive research and public consultation, the Town of Victoria Park has determined that the implementation of user-pays parking is the fairest and most effective way to provide equitable access to public parking spaces.

How will making users pay for this parking create positive outcomes?

The user-pays parking system will encourage turnover of parking bays, which creates more equitable parking for all users.

How will the money collected by these parking metres be spent?

Funds raised through user-pays parking will be directly channelled into the implementation of other sustainable travel related initiatives as part of the Town’s Integrated Movement Network Strategy (IMNS). For example, the provision of more ACROD bays, elderly persons' rest spots along Albany Highway, safer movement of children around schools, additional pathways and cycleways, and improved visibility through increased lighting to make a safer community.

Are the user-pays parking areas reviewed at any stage?

The Town's Parking Management Plan is reviewed regularly (six monthly) to assess the impact of user-pays parking and further adjustments may be considered.A dynamic pricing model has also been introduced which has enabled the Town to adjust parking areas and pricing in response to demand. The Town will continue to keep the community informed of any changes to parking as a result of the Parking Management Plan and the dynamic pricing model. Changes will be clearly signposted. 

In the first phase of implementation, a number of concerns were raised by the local community about issues relating to the plan, including the 15-minute free parking provision being insufficient and on-street bays being ticketed until midnight. These issues have been considered by Council and changes to the plan were endorsed at a Special Council Meeting and introduced in August 2014. The Town will continue to review the plan six-monthly and consider community feedback as implementation continues.The Town will continue monitoring parking occupancy and make changes to parking conditions and pricing as per the dynamic pricing model. 

How often will you put up the fees? They may be low now but will you increase them after 12 months?

The Council will continue to link the fees to the level of usage. If bays are being underutilised and are too empty, parking fees will be reduced to encourage more people to use them. If parking bays become too full then fees will be adjusted to make this parking available for other users. These changes will be introduced as required and therefore may happen at any time.