Parking alternatives

There are many ways to support your staff so they can use alternative forms of transport to get to work. 

Some include:

TravelSmart Program: The State Government provides support for developing this type of resource through the Department of Transport.  A TravelSmart program can be as simple as making public transport timetable information available, maintaining showers, lockers and bicycle storage facilities or developing a walking/cycling social activity calendar.

Pool cars and lift share: Carpooling is an emerging trend.  In a business context you might be able to look for a way to facilitate carpooling or more efficient use of fleet vehicles.  The internet has a range of services to help with booking fleet vehicles, or why not start a carpool calendar at your workplace?

Scooters and motorcycles: Along with bicycles these alternative vehicles use fewer parking spaces. Providing five motorcycle bays instead of one car bay for staff could provide parking for five staff instead of one.

Unbundling parking: Where parking is provided for free to staff it can be more difficult to manage.  You may consider giving staff the option of a travel allowance, Smartrider card or onsite parking. Staffs who decide to take the allowance and use alternative transport will put less pressure on your parking.

Staggered shifts and working from home programs: Where practical staggering shifts or supporting working from home programs will resolve some transport limitations.

Alternate parking: Leasing bays from other private properties is also a growing trend. You can approach properties yourself or search websites such as  Gumtree. These provide listings of parking spaces for hire. The landlords of these spaces need to comply with planning regulations and you should ensure you have an appropriate contract and establish liability for any damage.

Combinations: Being creative and combining different transport options can overcome many hurdles. Though cycling to work might not be a realistic option for a staff member, combining cycling with driving half way might work.

Though not suitable for everyone encouraging staff to use alternatives to driving does have positive implications for your business.