Parking infrastructure

As part of the Parking Management Plan parking infrastructure improvements have been implemented across the Town of Victoria Park. These include upgrading and installation of lighting, ACROD bays, upgrade and installation of kerbing, car park bay line marking, parking nibs, footpath installation and upgrades, along with more major works including car park upgrades and expansion of car parks.

Revenue from parking infringements contributes to the funding of these parking infrastructure projects.

If you have any questions about parking infrastructure projects please email or call 9311 8115.

Completed projects

Upgrade Hubert Street Car Park (No 9) 

Hubert Street Car Park is now open to the public as the majority of the upgrade works are nearly completed. There are only some minor works that need to be completed such as signage, line markings and a footpath access.

The upgrade included:

  • Installation of new lighting
  • New integrated pathways
  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • New kerbing
  • New line bay markings  

New ACROD bays

To further facilitate the needs of community members with physical disabilities, ACROD bays were installed in Basinghall Street and Litchfield Street in March 2015.   

Lighting improvements

King George St Car Park (4)

New LED lights were installed in King Street George Car Park in November 2014. The pre-existing lights were also upgraded to LED. 

Somerset Car Park (13A)

In December 2014, lighting in Somerset Street (13A) Car Park was upgraded. LED lights were used to improve safety and access to the car park at night, especially for night students at the Polytechnic West Campus.

Hawthorne Place Car Park and G.O. Edwards Car Park

In April 2015, additional lights were installed to increase safety and deter crime. LED lights were fitted on new poles as well as the pre-existing lights             

Car park upgrades

King George Street Car Park (4) and street

In December 2014, along with the lighting upgrade minor civil works and modifications were carried out in King George Car Park. This include including new line marking and minor civil improvements. These treatments were designed to improve the car park and make it more conducive to local access and activities.

Somerset Street Car Park (13A)

In March - May 2015 Somerset Street Car Park was upgraded. As well as new lighting the upgrade included drainage upgrades, asphalt resurfacing, new kerbing and bay line markings for 53 car bays and 11 new motorcycle bays.

As part of the Town’s Integrated Network Movement Strategy, bicycle racks will also be installed near the car park to encourage use of alternative transport.

Parking bay improvements

Rathay Street

In April 2014 a parking nib was installed at the intersection of Rathay Street and Albany Highway to improve safety of the intersection and car bays.