Parking reviews

To respond to changes in parking demand and ensure an equitable supply of parking across Vic Park, we regularly review our parking rates, times and conditions.

Our latest parking review is detailed below along with previous reviews.

Latest parking review

As part of the annual review of our fees and charges, the Town has increased paid ticket parking rates for the 2022/2023 financial year.

The increase is in line with our dynamic parking model, which aims to adjust paid parking rates and times to maintain occupancy within the ideal limits of 65-85%.

The Town’s dynamic parking model was trialled in 2019 and is a key initiative in the Town’s new Parking Management Plan.

The 2022/2023 parking fee increase came into effect on 1 September 2022. Visit our Parking FAQs page to learn more.

Historical parking reviews


In response to the demand for fair and equitable parking in the Town, a Parking Management Plan was developed and endorsed by council on 13 November 2012. This plan identified seven parking hotspots within the Town and made a number of parking restriction recommendations to address parking issues within each area. The hotspots have now been redefined into five hotspots. They are:

  • Oats Street Area
  • East Victoria Park Area
  • Victoria Park Area
  • Burswood Area
  • Raphael Park Area


The recommendations from the Parking Management Plan were implemented in January 2014 and included timed parking restrictions and user-pays parking. The most notable change in parking restrictions were along Albany Highway (and side streets) and Burswood Area where timed parking and user-pays parking was implemented. When first introduced 15 minute free parking with a ticket was available, however in response to feedback by the community and businesses this was changed along Albany Hgihwayy in May 2014 to the first 30 minutes free, along with the ability to obtain a 30 minute free ticket.


With the introduction of the Parking Management Plan the Town also committed to periodic parking review of each hot spot area. In 2015 the Oats Street Area, Burswood Area and Raphael Park Area underwent a review. The recommendations of this review included amendments to paid parking tariffs and timed parking restrictions. These recommendations were implemented in December 2015, with on-street parking in the two areas changed to $1 per hour or $5 a day, as opposed to $2 per hour or $10 a day. Also, in GO Edwards and Hawthorne Place Car Parks, parking is now $1 an hour and all day parking $5. Plus, the first hour will be free with a ticket.


East Victoria Park and Victoria Park Area reviews are scheduled for 2017.The Parking Unit also conducts ad-hoc reviews of parking in streets or areas in consultation with the community as requested.


In early 2020, the Town introduced a dynamic pricing model. This means the Town will alter parking conditions and pricing in response to the levels of demand.  This model came out of a parking trial held in 2019.