Private Property Agreements

A Private Property Agreement (PPA) can help prevent illegal or unauthorised parking on private property.

In order for Council to take action against vehicles that are parking on your property without consent, the owner of the property is required to enter into a PPA with the Council.

Once an agreement is in place between the Town of Victoria Park and an owner or occupier, parking officers will visit the area on request/agreement and will encourage compliance with parking rules and regulations. To learn more about the Town's Private Property Agreement. Please download the information pack and application form  Private-Property-Parking-Info-Application-Form-2020.pdf(PDF, 921KB)

Application Fee  Renewal Fee 
 $75 (Inc. GST)  $75 (Inc. GST)

For any further information please call the Parking team on 9311 8111 or email

General Information

In order for Council to take action against vehicles that are parking without consent on private property, the property owner is required to enter into a Private Parking Agreement (PPA) with the Council.

Please read all the conditions of the agreement and ensure you understand them prior to submitting your application. Application fees are non-refundable.

Application Fee (non-refundable)

The applicable fee in relation to registering a Private Property Parking agreement is $75 per registration.

Any infringement related revenue received by the Town does not offset this fee and is used to cover the costs of administering the infringements including, reminder and final demand notices and legal action where required.

Considering applications

On receipt of a PPA application, the Town will contact the applicant and arrange for a property inspection to be carried out. The inspection covers a signage audit and other compliance considerations. The applicant will be required to be onsite to answer questions which may be relevant to the management of the agreement.

If you have any questions Officers are happy to discuss how agreements could work in general terms prior to submission of an application.

Agreements will only be entered into by the Town if we are sure that:

1.We can provide the service, and

2.That a PPA is the most appropriate way to resolve the parking issues.


Renewals are issued annually for the period 1 January to 31 December each year. The annual PPA renewal fee is $75.00.

Enforcement of a PPA will not be undertaken if registration is not current.

Officer Attendance

Information and Parking Officers operational responsibilities will at all times take precedence over requests for enforcement of private property parking. As such we cannot commit to always attending at or within set times.

Normal responses are only within the hours of 8.00am to 8.00pm, Monday to Friday and on weekends between the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm. Entering into a PPA with the Town of Victoria Park does not guarantee officer attendance.

On receipt of a request to attend and enforce the PPA an Officer will attend as soon as practicable.

Court Attendance

Most PPA’s will require a representative from the site to be a witness [authorised complainant] to the offence for an attending Officer. They will need to be on-site when the officer attends. Should an infringement notice be contested in the Court of Petty Sessions, the authorised complainant(s) who witnessed the offence may be required to attend court as a witness. Costs for court attendance as a witness are not recoverable from the Town of Victoria Park. N.B. Fees quoted in this document are current until 30 June 2021 and inclusive of GST



What is a "Private Property Agreement"?

A Private Property Agreements [PPA] is a contract between the Town of Victoria Park and owners or occupiers of private property to deter illegal or unauthorised parking on private property.

Do I need a PPA?

You may need a PPA should unauthorised vehicles prevent owners, tenants, staff or customers from being able to park on your property.

The PPA enables the provisions of the Parking Local Law to extend to private land where an authorised complainant identifies a vehicle parked in a parking facility or parking station on private land in contravention of the Town’s Parking Local Laws, they can request an authorised person from the Town to issue an infringement notice.

Once a PPA is in place, parking officers can attend the area as part of a regular patrol or on request, and will encourage compliance with parking rules and regulations. Attendance will depend on the agreement between you and the Town.

What do you get for your money?

When a PPA is in place, the Town has the ability to conduct parking patrols [on an agreed basis] on private land and infringe or warn any vehicles parked either:

a)Without permission, or

b)Not in accordance with permission. For example parked too long or outside marked bays

Town Officers will assist you to ensure that you know which signs need to be in place and where. We will work with you to try and develop a plan to manage your specific parking problems.

If someone who is not authorised is parking in my private car park can I call the Town to give them a ticket?

No. Parking and Information Officers are not authorised to issue infringements on private property unless there is a current PPA between the owner/property manager and the Town of Victoria Park.

If I have a PPA, can I organise for the Rangers to tow an abandoned vehicle off my property?

No. This is private property and even with a PPA - Rangers are still not authorised to tow a vehicle. This becomes the responsibility of the property owner/s.