Private Property Agreements

A Private Property Agreement (PPA) can help prevent illegal or unauthorised parking on private property.

In order for Council to take action against vehicles that are parking on your property without consent, the owner of the property is required to enter into a PPA with the Council.

Once an agreement is in place between the Town of Victoria Park and an owner or occupier, parking officers will visit the area on request/agreement and will encourage compliance with parking rules and regulations.

For any further information please call the Parking team on 9311 8115 or email


If someone who is not authorised is parking in my private car park can I call the Town to give them a ticket?

No. Parking and Information Officers are not authorised to issue infringements on private property unless there is a current PPA between the owner/property manager and the Town of Victoria Park.

If I have a PPA, can I organise for the Rangers to tow an abandoned vehicle off my property?

No. This is private property and even with a PPA Rangers are still not authorised to tow a vehicle. This becomes the responsibility of the property owner/s.