School parking

Most Town of Victoria Park schools experience parking and traffic issues at pick up and drop off times. These times can be quite stressful for parents, grandparents and caregivers.  Below are some suggestions to assist at these times;

  • During pick up and drop off times, use the set down and pick up areas where possible and do not park vehicles in these locations.
  • Park a bit further up the street safely and enjoy the walk back to your vehicle, chatting to your child/children about what they did in their school day.
  • Where possible, carpool with other parents. This will cut down on the number of vehicles vying for parking spots and promote a safer and more enjoyable experience for both the driver and their passengers.
  • If you live close to school, try walking or riding a bike to pick up your child/children.

Your cooperation is requested when parking at schools as the Town’s Parking and Information Officers and Rangers regularly patrol around schools.