Verge parking

A verge is defined as the portion of a thoroughfare which lies between the boundary of a carriageway and the adjacent property line and includes any part of the verge designed for or intended for use by vehicles but does not include a footpath.This means that the width of a verge can vary from property to property and in different areas.

No verge restrictions in place

Town of Victoria Park allows a resident or property owner the ability to control who parks on the verge adjacent to their property.

Should vehicles be parked on the verge without your permission please contact the Parking team, Monday - Friday between 8:30am - 4:30pm on 9311 8115 and ask for an available officer to attend. After hours and on weekends please call 9311 8188.

We will need you to be onsite when the officer arrives to complete the witness complaint form. You also need to be prepared to attend court if the driver of the vehicle decides to contest the infringement notice.


  • Signage is not required to enforce this regulation
  • Any vehicle parked on a verge without permission is liable to be issued with an infringement notice.

Verge restrictions in place

Where "No Stopping Verge" (or similar) signs are present, the restrictions apply to all vehicles including owners and occupiers. There are no exemptions.

Verge parking near intersections

Parking on a verge within 10 metres of an intersection is prohibited.

To see if you can park on a verge, please contact the Parking team on Monday - Friday between 8:30am - 4:30pm on 9311 8115.


Do I need to be on site when I call for an Information and Parking Officer to attend?

Yes you do. You are a witness to an alleged offence and therefore are required to fill out and sign a witness complaint form and need to be willing to attend Court if the infringement is appealed.

Can I give permission to park on the verge if there is a 'No Parking/Stopping on Road or Verge' sign?

No. You cannot give permission to park against any existing parking signs or within 10 metres of an intersection.