Transport Planning

As the Town’s population grows, our continued success as a vibrant and diverse inner-city community calls for a strategic approach to transport to cater for the current and future needs of residents, visitors, businesses, as well as those who pass through the Town.

Integrated Transport Strategy

The Town’s Integrated Transport Strategy sets the strategic direction for managing the Town's transport network. The Strategy outlines how we will provide an integrated, accessible and sustainable transport network that connects people to places and supports the Town as a liveable inner-city community.  

The Integrated Transport Strategy is underpinned by three key themes:

A Healthy Community

The design and management of our transport network plays a key role in fostering healthier populations and more sustainable environments.

By designing streets that better facilitate walking, cycling and ease of access to public transport, we strive to empower residents to choose more sustainable transport modes.

An Accessible Town

A transport network that supports safe and efficient movement of people is vital. Supporting mode shift from private vehicle usage to more sustainable modes, including walking, cycling and public transport is encouraged, however, the Town recognises that for some residents a private vehicle is essential to how they access the Town’s services.

The Integrated Strategy aims to better connect the Town’s residents with its services irrespective of mode. 


A Liveable Town

The Town is a vibrant place with several key attractors and diverse service offerings.

A good transport network is necessary to connect residents to these destinations so they can be enjoyed and accessed by all.

Integrated Transport Program

The Integrated Transport Strategy is implemented through the Town's Integrated Transport Program consisting of a series of sub-programs, projects and initiatives to be delivered over the next ten years to achieve our transport vision.

The program approach ensures that changes to the Town’s transport network are undertaken in a strategic and prioritised manner to deliver maximum benefits to our community.

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