Bike pumps and repair stations

As part of the Integrated Movement Network Strategy, to encourage sustainable travel modes, the Town installed bicycle pump and repair stations. Bicycle repair stations and bicycle pumps have been installed on major bicycle routes within the Town.

The repair stations are placed at suitable end-of-journey facilities, bicycle paths and other locations where cyclists gather. The repair stations are designed to allow cyclists to position their bicycles conveniently and safely for maintenance and repairs. The Town initially installed the repair stations in 2013 and was the first council in Western Australia to introduce such infrastructure to benefit cyclists.

(all locations can also be found on the Town’s TravelSmart map)

Bicycle repair stations

  • McCallum Park foreshore park
  • Albany Highway (north of Harvey St)
  • Canterbury Tce (west of Albany Highway)
  • AquaLife in Somerset Street
  • LeisureLife (Cnr of Kent Street and Gloucester Street)

Bicycle pumps

  • Victoria Park Central –  Albany Highway
  • Victoria Park train station – Rutland Avenue
  • Oats Street train station – Bank Street

All locations can also be found on the Town's TravelSmart map.