Integrated Movement Network Strategy

McCallum park bike path

The Town has developed an Integrated Movement Network Strategy (IMNS) to guide the development of future plans for delivering an efficient, safe, well-connected and sustainable transport system in the Town.

The IMNS is a strategic document, which covers up to 2031. It considers all modes of transport (e.g. walking, cycling, public transport, car, etc.) and the travel needs of all users, now and in the future.

The objectives of the IMNS are summarised below:

  • Support the Town’s vision of Victoria Park – Vibrant Lifestyle and the objectives set out in the Town’s Plan for the Future 2011 - 2026.
  • Manage traffic congestion to make it easier to move goods and people.
  • Support economic growth.
  • Enhance the urban environment with greater emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian paths and connections with public transport.
  • Improve access to employment, entertainment, medical, education and community facilities.
  • Reduce transport costs for the community by providing better public transport services.
  • Improve transport links, connections and movements.
  • Create a healthier community through encouraging active travel such as cycling and walking.
  • Focus on environmental sustainability with less reliance on motor vehicle transport.
  • Provide a basis for the current and future management of parking on private and public land.
  • A number of projects have been implemented for the adoption of this plan.