Public Places Program

Public spaces are an integral component of a thriving town. They provide opportunities for residents and visitors to come together and build a sense of community, benefit health and wellbeing, drive economic growth, transform underutilised spaces, and provide character and diversity to a town.

Planning for public places in the Town of Victoria Park is guided by our Public Open Space Strategy, which recommends improvements to both our urban and green spaces, including parks, verges, roads and sidewalks. These spaces can all provide significant benefit to the community including provision of:

  • spaces for community interaction with the environment,
  • engagement with each other,
  • passive recreation areas,
  • respite points in urban situations,
  • attractive landscape for businesses, 
  • support of active sporting pursuits,
  • opportunities to protect and improve natural systems.

The recommendations of the Public Open Space Strategy are delivered through our Public Places Program. The Program guides the future design and use of the Town’s public spaces, ensuring improvements are undertaken in a strategic and prioritised manner. 

The Public Places Program is delivered through a series of sub programs aiming to to improve the quality, accessibility to, and supply of public space in the Town. To read about these sub programs, check out the pages below.