Infringement Appeals (Animals, Bushfire and Other)

To have an infringement reviewed, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Infringement number
  • Full name, postal address, email address & contact number
  • Copies of all relevant supporting documentation
  • Detailed reasons why you believe the infringement is to be reviewed

You can request an infringement review via the relevant online form below or by post (infringement reviews cannot be accepted by telephone). A PDF version of the infringement appeal form is available here(PDF, 670KB).

Pay your infringement Appeal your infringement

Infringement Appeal Form (Animals, Bushfire, and Other)


How to pay for an infringement notice?

The Town of Victoria Park provides 28 days from the date of issuing an infringement for payment of the penalty.  

Payment may be made in the following manner;

  • Pay online – with your credit card.
  • In person – to the cashier at the administration building, 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park.
  • Mail – (cheque or money order) made payable to the 'Town of Victoria Park' and mailed to the Chief Executive Officer, Locked Bag 437, Victoria Park WA 6979.

What do I do after I receive a infringement notice?

You are provided with 28 days to pay the initial notice, appeal the infringement or advise the Town that you were not the driver of the vehicle.

If you do not pay by the due date the Town will send a reminder providing another 28 days.

If the notice is still not paid you will be sent a final demand and an additional fee will be applied to the infringement. You will have 28 days to pay the final demand.

Non-payment of the final demand will result in the infringement notice being referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry.

You can find out about what happens once a matter is registered with the Fines Enforcement Registry on the Fines and Infringements page of the Department of Justice website.

To avoid any of the above situations, we encourage you to pay your infringement on time or if you require assistance, please call 9311 8111 to talk to one of us Customer Service Representatives or Parking and Rangers team members who would be happy to assist.

Pay your infringement Appeal your infringement

What if I don't pay the infringement?

Infringement notices are issued by the police, local government authorities and various other prosecuting agencies, either in person or through the post. You can get infringement tickets for such things as illegal parking, abandoned vehicles, littering or for issues relating to animals.  

Once an infringement is issued and payment is not received within 28 days, a reminder notice is posted. If the infringement is not paid after the reminder notice has been sent out, a final notice is issued.  

When a final demand notice is issued, additional costs are added to the infringement and another 28 days is given for payment of the infringement. If after this time (approximately three months), the infringement has not been paid, it is then referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry (FER). At this stage Local Government would not be able to receive any payment.

If you do not pay the modified penalty within 28 days after the date of this notice, you may be prosecuted or enforcement action may be taken under the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act 1994. Under that Act, some or all of the following actions may be taken — your driver’s licence may be suspended, your vehicle licence may be suspended or cancelled, you may be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence or vehicle licence, your vehicle may be immobilised or have its number plates removed, your details may be published on a website, your earnings or bank accounts may be garnished, and your property may be seized and sold. 

What happens if my appeal is unsuccessful?

The Town will advise you in writing, of the outcome of your appeal. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, and are able to provide additional supporting evidence for a further review, you may submit a second appeal. If your second appeal is unsuccessful the only option will be to elect to have the matter heard in court. 

Can I set up a payment plan to pay my infringement?

 We do not offer payment plans for infringements.

I’m not satisfied with the outcome of my appeal, can I take the matter to court?

Yes. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your appeal and wish to take the matter to court please advise us in writing by email or post Locked Bag 437 Victoria Park Western Australia 6979 of your decision.